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Sat, 2 May 1998 18:46:59 -0700 (PDT)


[Is it worth replying to hate-posts such as the one below? If so, how?
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I've ficticiously titled the article...]


Does anything look familiar to you about the following statement:  "The
social services agency of Anytown announced yesterday that it was
expanding its services to include minorities, illegal aliens, the
homeless, AIDS patients, gays and......women."

It should look sadly familiar.  It's typical of the sort of "news item"
we, as White women, often encounter in our daily newspaper.  Have you
noticed how the mention of "women" is often tacked - invariably at the
end - to a list of social misfits, non-Whites, losers, weirdos, and
other assorted miscreants of society by liberal reporters as they write
their liberal-slant stories in their leftist newspapers?  What's this
phenomenon all about?  Why are women always lumped in with this
disgusting Rogues Gallery line-up of society's losers and misfits?

There's a sociological term I learned in one of my college classes
(taught by a typically leftist professor) called "co-optation".  That's
a fancy way of saying "included" or "taken over by" or "brought into" a
particular group so that they can use you to their advantage.  Webster's
dictionary defines co-opt as:  "to choose or elect as a fellow member or
colleague."  The fact is - women have been "co-opted" by the corrupt
Liberal Establishment in order to make a tenuous (and of course,
politically advantageous) link between women and "people of color" (or
gays, druggies, and any other creep they happen to want to include in
"THE LIST").  The media has "elected" women to be the "fellow members
and colleagues" of an unsavory group which usually features
law-breakers, homos, the 'culturally diverse", bums, and
ill,dysfunctional individuals from every walk of life.  Hmmmm, seems we
woman have been "elected" by the media to be a member of certain groups
without first taking OUR vote!  It's a variation on the media ploy of
always uttering the phrase "Blacks and Jews" in the same breath.  If you
say it often enough, like a mantra, your brainwashed audience will
(supposedly) begin to actually believe there's a real-world bond of
brotherhood between Blacks and Jews.  Say it with me now:  blacks and
jews, blacks and jews, blacks and jews, blacks and jews, blacks, and
jews.  Now say:  homosexuals, blacks, jews, illegal aliens, the
homeless, the abused and...............WOMEN.  See how it works?  If
your "group" has been declared by the media to be part of the line-up,
it must be because you have a mysterious elemental bond, something "in
common with" the other folks on the list.  Right?  Example:  "Last
night, the City Council voted to insure that illegals, drug users,
blacks, jews and women have been granted protective status.."  Blah blah
blah............and WOMEN.  Haven't we all heard this before?  I have -
a million times.  And I'm sick of it.

As women, and most important, as WHITE women engaged in a desperate
battle for the future of our race, our nation, and our families, can we
afford to be continually lumped in with the scum of the earth, as if we
have something in common with them?  The answer is:  NO!  How cruddy and
low-down do these lists have to become before we protest?
".......rapists, murderers, child molesters, scumbags of the universe
and ..oh the way.....WOMEN."???

The media connection between White women and these societal horrors is
as spurious as the black/jew connection.  It's a media invention,
designed to create links where there are none - to forge bonds where
none, in reality, exist.  "Establishment" White women (the ones who have
bought into the liberal garbage) have become so brainwashed that many of
them actually believe they have something in common with a black man or
an illegal alien who broke the law of entry into someone else's country,
or "minorities" simply because some media pundit told them so.
(women=minorities?  Let's not forget that women are not a minority - we
comprise 50% of the human race!)  Women have about as much in common
with these groups as a Chinese Communist has with Pat Buchanan.  Of
course the "bond" that we as women supposedly all have in common with
these other "groups" is oppression.  We're all part of the great
oppressed.  Well, perhaps if you're a brain-dead hippie from the 1960's
you really think John Lennon had a point when he wrote his song, "Woman
Is The Nigger Of The World", but, luckily the rest of us have long since
grown up and moved on from mush-headed, leftist rock 'n roll propaganda.
The media is adept at telling the "sheeple" where the bonds of
"commonality" are.  It's as if they're saying, " you and you and you
have a common bond and a common enemy because we said so, get it?  Got
it?  Good.  " And, of course, the unspoken media "truth" buried within
these human laundry lists is that all of us:  bums and gays and illegal
aliens and dope-heads and........  WOMEN are united against the WHITE
MALE as the ultimate oppressor who must be destroyed.

What we need to understand, as White women, is that we are being USED as
pawns in a dirty game.  The callous, game-playing jewish feminists like
Gloria Steinam and Betty Friedan have been more than happy to see women
lumped in with scumbags for the last 30 years.  "Scumbags Of The World
Unite!"  is their battle cry.  Feminist "leaders" such as Steinam and
Friedan perfected and refined the co-optation game.  But don't be fooled
White woman!  Demand to be taken off their "list"!!!!  You'll never gain
any advantange from being included in their "social services" scam,
which goes something like this:  don't worry, ladies, assistance is on
the way for transients, heroin addicts, pick-pockets and...............
WOMEN!!.  The only thing that you, as a White woman, are ever going to
get from a deal like this is:  USED -- by a sophisticated, slick,
minority-loving, White-hating machine.  Then, you'll be dumped with a
resounding thud on the side of the road when this crew has gotten their
media mileage out of you.  You are no different from any other "group"
that has been taken advantage of by the master manipulators of this
society, playing off White men against White women.  Make no mistake:
these media moguls do not "care" about women.  Women's welfare and
well-being is the last thing on their mind.If they truly cared, they'd
be writing stories about the daily hell that White women have to deal
with in their minority infested schools, jobs and on the street.  The
harrowing problems, trials and tribulations that White women experience
on a daily basis as they attempt to deal with the frightening racial
situation in their daily lives is hushed up, swept under the rug,
unknown and unreported by this "caring" media gang, who loves us soooo
much.  As we all know, if you approach one of these "loving" media types
about a real-world story dealing with White woman's plight in the
anti-White society of today, (stories which would tear your heart out
and rival any minority-loving "Human Interest" story ever printed by the
typical establishment rag), you'll be called "racist" and summarily
tossed out of the editor's office.  Gee, and I thought they wuvved us
ladies.  Maybe they don't "care" for us so much after all, huh?

The incredibly harmful psychological impact of women being lumped in
with the losers of the world is enormous.  Our very gender is now
synonymous with "illegal alien" or "homeless" or "minority".  Woman.
She's just like an illegal alien, didn't you know ?  Woman.  She's the
same as homeless.  Woman means "loser" . It means victim.  Woman=Black.
Woman=Jewish.  (As we all know, the media has made sure that "Woman"
certainly isn't synonymous with the words Proud and White!)  The
constant pounding of this false concept into our minds leads to only one
horrible and sad conclusion:  the demoralization and degradation of
White womanhood.

The next time you see one of these disgusting lists, sit down, get out
pen and paper (or typewriter or word processor), and write a letter to
the editor of your local newspaper.  PROTEST.  State clearly:  I'm sick
of seeing women included in these grotesque line-ups as if we are bags
of dirty laundry, CO-OPTED and USED by a callous liberal establishment
for their own self-serving, New World Order plans.  State plainly: White
women are not losers, illegals, faggots, or scum.  We are not
professional victims.  We are sick of being identified AS A GROUP with
crud.  Make it clear:  We want it stopped!  And we want it stopped NOW!
We, as free, proud White women of the world are here to say:  take us
off your Liberal Loser's List!!!!


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