Homelessness Marathon: radio show host seeks planning advice FWD

Tom Boland (wgcp@earthlink.net)
Sat, 2 May 1998 15:07:36 -0700 (PDT)

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This past January I conducted a "Homelessness Marathon" on the radio....
That's something I want to build on.

As a follow-up, I've devoted the last hour of the last show each month to
calls from "nobodies" (e.g. the homeless, junkies, illegal immigrants,
etc.)  I haven't gotten any calls for that either so far (I am trying to
reach the least accessible populations in places that don't even hear my
show, after all) but The Progressive is doing a story on me which should
be coming out in June and this will be featured in it which should help
get it off the ground.

I'm also doing advance planning for next year's homelessness marathon and
I'd be interested to hear your thoughts.  I'm hoping to coordinate the
broadcast with people who might want to do demonstrations/political
theater the same night and put the broadcast up on the satellite to see if
other stations will take it (this involves fundraising, networking, etc..
but I think it's doable).

I don't want any politicians on the show next time, I've decided, unless
they're willing to commit themselves to supporting a crash program of tent
cities, emerency housing construction, etc. geared toward getting all
homeless people off the street within six months.  I don't want my show to
be used as a platform for politicians to be on the "right" side of an
issue which they wont actually try to get solved.....

I have more thoughts, but the overall idea is to make this a sort
of national anti-telethon....



FWD ANOUNCEMENT for first Homelessness Radio Marathon
    via Lyn Gerry (redlyn@loop.com) Tue, 20 Jan 1998


Dear All,

I am writing this on behalf of Jeremy Weir Alderson, a community
radio broadcaster from WEOS in upstate New York. On Wednesday,
January 28, starting at 9:30 pm EST, Jeremy will begin broadcasting a
live 12 hour call in show on the issue of homelessness. He will be
broadcasting from a doorway on the Common in Ithaca, New York.
The show will end at 9:30 am Thursday morning.

Jeremy hopes that homeless folks from all over the country who wish
to talk will call during the broadcast at 1-800-213-9367
(this number is only good during the broadcast)

Jeremy would also like to interview those involved in activism around
homeless issues. Anyone who is interested in participating should
call him to set up a time to talk at: (607) 546-2084 (this is his
home number so call at a reasonable time. He asks that people not
call him during the Jewish Sabbath which is from Friday sunset to
Saturday sunset) or e-mail him at radio@lightlink.com

People who are in the area of Ithaca, New York are also invited to
come on down to the Common and be on the air live.

Please forward this message to relevant lists and friends


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