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On Mon, 27 Apr 1998 02:18:11 (EST) Tedrico Latham forwarded an anonymous 
note to mailing list #1 & #2 members:

Subject: "Tedrico's Page Feedback"

>The homeless population definitely operates out of a different reality 
than most of us, and we must be cognizant of this fact when working with 
this population. The diverse range within the homeless population, 
albeit a family, a single male, single female, an adolescent, a pregnant 
teenager, or someone chronically mentally ill, adds to the challenge in 
dealing with the issues that they present.

>Layers of problems exist for these individuals and I believe that we 
must prioritize their practical problems before we begin to work on 
their emotional issues. When we factor in class and race issues, we see 
the need to consider the social context of the problems faced by this 
population. I believe that if we view this population through a lens 
that illuminates the strengths and survival skills that they 
possess, we have a chance at mobilizing them to, not only survive, 
but to change.



On Mon, 27 Apr 1998 08:18:11 -0600 (MDT) Virginia Sellner <wch@vcn.com> 

It seems to me that the below is making the homeless into a different 
class than anyone else, and that should not be.  Part of the problem 
with homelessness is that the housed population is always trying to 
seperate themselves from the homeless and that should not be either.  
They are first of all people, and they should be treated as individual 
people with problems perhaps, but not assuming that they all have 
problems that are monumental and different from the housed population. 
This simply is not true. Homeless will never go away as long as the 
general population tends to think of them as THEM -- they need to be 
worked with, treated or whatever, as they are -- an individual -- and 
frequently the fact that they are homeless does not necessarily need to 
enter the picture.

On Mon, 27 Apr 1998 20:00:37 -0400 Paula LeBrun 
<plebrun@cyberportal.net> remarked:

Certainly does stereotype the homeless as "those people".  Whoever wrote 
it must be unaware of who the homeless really are.  Yes, it's true some 
folks are dealt with differently for whatever reason, such as those 
dealing with alcohol issues, but it's not like they're "aliens" or 
something.  Good Lord!!!  Can't stand stigmas. Anyway, the way I see 
things, the homeless are people just like any of us, but without a home.  
Personally, I'm at home with them!

On Mon, 27 Apr 1998 21:33:04 EDT Rebecca Soltero <REB821@aol.com> 

Wow that is really deep....I am very bewildered at the whole homeless 
problem. I have just started working in soup kitchens about 3 months 
ago, and I have never been so overwhelmed by any one situation in my 
life.  I believe that alot of homeless could be mobilized to survive if 
we could figure out a way to make a better job market out there.  I 
recently heard that at minimum wage, the average person would have to 
work 83 hours to afford a one to two bedroom apartment.  How sad isn't 

On Tue, 28 Apr 1998 05:49:41 EDT Bob Mills <RMills2365@aol.com> 

Homelessness is just that! Anyone can fall pray to the streets. The 
problem is mental illness, or, least understood, where the underling 
cause is. This has been, and is one of the most debated issues facing 
society for hundreds of years. The discussion on the causes of mental 
illness has always turned to anger and rage. Most people, those in the 
majority refuse to face a simple fact of life; we all are a product of 
our environment, compassion, love, understanding and other positive 
emotions that instill the ability to learn, co-exist with others, the 
ability to maintain a family structure, a person that will succeed in 
life. The homeless are our responsibility. Congress has passed some laws 
to protect the mentally ill.

On Fri, 01 May 1998 00:01:49 PDT Elizabeth Thompson 
<boudecia@hotmail.com> added:

My first response would be to say... change? Change to what? My second 
response would be to ask who wrote this. Let me just say it doesn't seem 
as though they are, or ever have been homeless. Of coarse I could be 
totally wrong, but it just seems like this person is missing the point. 
Sure it's great to keep all of those things in mind (maybe) but homeless 
people are people just the same; not "a population". I don't 
know, maybe that is the most current politically correct term, but I 
think it stinks. Besides, it is very dangerous indeed to go around 
prioritizing other peoples problems "for" them- whether they are 
practical ones or not. What was the writer's objective in writing this 



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