Beyond Ramps: Disability at the End of the Social Contract/book

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by Marta Russell

AVAILABLE NOW from Common Courage Press!

What people are saying about BEYOND RAMPS:

What Ralph Nader did for the consumer movement in his book Unsafe at Any
Speed Marta Russell has accomplished in her riveting Beyond Ramps. No
one, left, right or center, who reads this book . . .will come away
unchanged.  This is a must read.
Marcus Raskin, co-founder, Institute for Policy Studies,
Professor of Public Policy, George Washington University

Vividly written...goes to the heart of many matters, starting with the
profound desire of "normal" people, many of them supposedly broad-minded
types squarely within the liberal tradition, to reach for the
sterilizing knife, or the medicine cabinet of Dr. Kevorkian when
confronted with an affront to their sense of the"normal."
 Alexander Cockburn, writer for the Nation and other publications

The kind of analysis that virtually no one has done to the peril of
everyone in this nation.
 Mary Johnson, editor, Ragged Edge

Russell urges us to understand that "our" issues are not ours alone,
but arise from the power structures that underpin our society.
Laura Hershey, disability activist, New Mobility Magazine

A hard-edged, in-your-face book that goes to war against market-based
Social Darwinism. Russell combines rage and insight, a great feel for
the particular, and a keen understanding of macro politics and
historical detail.
Eric Mann, director, Labor/Community Strategy Center

An incredible eye-opener for everyone. . . If you believe that knowledge
is power you willl come away from this book powerfully informed.
Dianne Piastro, former syndicated columnist and Governor Pete Wilson
appointee to California's State Independent Living Council

A stinging critique of a capitalist economic system...a significant
Harlan Hahn, professor of political science, University of Southern

Russell has marshaled, with impressive lucidity, the salient truth...
Ronnie Dugger, Alliance for Democracy

Subjects include the Nazi Holocaust, eugenics, the industrialization of
medicine, the "Right to Die", the commodification of disability, the
ADA/civil rights, Continuing Disability Reviews, the disability benefit
structure, genetic and health insurance discrimination ... amongst

Marta Russell is a writer/producer whose investigative reporting earned
her a 1994 Golden Mike Award for best documentary from the Radio and
Television News Association of Southern California.

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