McCaffrey Threatens Ca. AG

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Mon, 29 Mar 1999 22:55:28 -0800 (PST)

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I find this article to be very disturbing. Apparently Drug Czar (fitting
title) Barry McCaffrey has seen fit to threaten the Ca. AG. for daring
to even think about conducting tests on Cannabis aka MED MJ... Bill
Lokyer is the duly elected Attorney General for the State of California.
He was elected by a wide margin in an open democratic vote unlike Drug
Czar Barry McCaffrey who was appointed by the Clinton Administration. 
Barry McCaffreys own study conducted by the IOM has proven what most of
us already knew, that is, that pot is not particularly harmful and has
medical benefits. Generals should not be attempting to practice
medicine, their goals in life are to kill the enemy and force the
helpless to submit. Not a very lofty goal if you ask me. Besides it set
a dangerous policy making  precident when appointees can use their
influence over elected officials.  mike  

here is the portion of the article that pertains to the outright threat
by the general....

As quoted from the last four paragraphs in the enclosed article --
as an afterthought:) 

...Lockyer also met in Washington with U.S. Attorney General Janet Reno
and White House drug czar Barry R. McCaffrey, to discuss California's
Proposition 215, which legalized marijuana for medical uses. 

"Both were very clear that medical marijuana use violates federal law,"
Lockyer said, and McCaffrey added that a massive research effort is
needed to determine if marijuana has any medical value. 

Lockyer said he told McCaffrey that state law authorizes him to conduct
certain marijuana-related research. But McCaffrey told Lockyer he'd be
violating federal law and risking arrest if he did so. 

In the short term, Lockyer said, there will be no change in federal
policy and California's law should be improved so solid statutes are in
place if and when the federal government recognizes it... 
(end quote) 
Let freedom ring, 
Pubdate: 27 Mar 1999
Source: Sacramento Bee (CA)
Copyright: 1999 The Sacramento Bee
Address: P.O.Box 15779, Sacramento, CA 95852
Author: Stephen Green, Bee Capitol Bureau
Note: The meat is in the last four paragraphs( which are posted at the
top )
(This is the name of the article)  

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