HUD: Evaluation of HOPE for Elderly Independence Demonstration

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     Evaluation of the HOPE for Elderly Independence Demonstration:
     Final Report

     [United States Department of Housing and Urban Development]

One of HUD's goals is to help frail, elderly persons meet their housing
needs. Aging in place is favor by a vast majority  (85 percent) of America's
elderly, who, according to a survey by the American Association of Retired
Persons, say they want to stay in their current homes and never move. HUD
instituted the HOPE for Elderly Independence Demonstration Program (HOPE IV)
to help low-income, frail, elderly persons maintain the highest possible
quality of life in the least environment-preferably their own homes.

HOPE IV is a tenant-base program, administered by public housing authorities
(PHAs) for persons who where not previously receiving HUD assistance. In
addition to providing Section 8 housing assistance, the program provides
case management and non-medical support services. HOPE IV allows applicants
to remain in their home as long as it is in the PHA area and meets HUD's
Section 8 quality standards. To understand the effects of the Program, HOPE
IV elderly were compared to a similar population receiving Section 8

The Evaluation of the HOPE for Elderly Independence Demonstration: Final
Report shows that the HOPE IV Program was appropriately targeted to clients
at risk of being institutionalized and who could be served by
community-based options. In many cases, managed services were new to the
persons in the HOPE IV program, and in almost all cases the services
received through the program resulted in greater total amounts of
assistance. The level of assistance necessary to maintain independence
corresponded to the level of frailty and impairment of the participant.

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