Re: Street Youth Job Corps gets $1.1 million grant: Toronto, Canada

P. Myers (
Sun, 28 Mar 1999 18:40:15 -0800 (PST)

Thanks, Graeme...*knew I was reading her wrong...I've read Judy O too
many times, and the idea of reading what she wrote as sarcasm just 
didn't occur...

Sorry for the dum question, Judy O...the stupids struck again! 8D
pat myers

On Sun, 28 Mar 1999, Graeme Bacque wrote:

> "P. Myers" wrote:
> > Judy, are you saying that you believe homeless youth in Seattle
> > to be young punks?  Who should not be "molly coddled?"
> >
> Actually, Judy's remarks came across more as a sarcastic crack at the Seattle
> cops.
> I'm personally taking a wait-and-see perspective on this Toronto thing... and
> it doesn't change the fact that our police force also loves to take out their
> half-baked frustrations on homeless youth. Last summer there were any number
> of accounts of police bullying and violence - in one case a dog belonging to a
> young squeegeer was shot after allegedly biting a cop on the leg.
> (When asked about the extent of his 'injury' on a live TV program later that
> same day  this dumb pig wasn't even immediately able to recall which leg he'd
> supposedly been bitten on, and in displaying both legs for the camera  failed
> to show any evidence of bite wounds. (The dog in question was a Rottweiler).
> It was also revealed that just before the shooting  the cop had awakened the
> dog's owner by kicking him in the ribs - apparently causing the animal to
> growl in response. (No shit, Sherlock!) )
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