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Subject: Appeal from Kosova unions
Date: Sun, 28 Mar 1999 03:51:31 +0100
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To the people of Europe, particularly to Trade Unions and Associations,
Student Unions, Democratic Rights Organizations and Humanitarian Organizations.

Dear Friends,

The people of Kosova desperately need your help. Ethnic cleansing has
driven hundreds of thousands of Albanian Kosova citizens from their
homes. This violence and injustice has been growing since 1989 when
Serbian troops occupied Kosova, which had the right of veto at the
federal level, illegally crushed its parliament, constitution and all
legitimate institutions, closed its schools, colleges and hospitals to
all Albanians and sacked Albanian workers from their jobs.

We appeal to the people of Europe to defend us from this fascist
violence. Please, come to Kosova with humanitarian aid, come to show
your solidarity, come to see for yourself what is happening.  We need
you by our side or the Serbian regime's genocide is going to continue
until they get their "ethnically pure state".

But if you want to reach us you will have to confront an obstacle - the
Serbian regime will not grant visas to anyone who they think will tell
the truth of what they have seen in Kosova and campaign for solidarity.
There is a blockade around Kosova which isolates the suffering people
from the outside world.  We need you to break this blockade.  We need a
humanitarian corridor reaching from the outside world right into Kosova.
 Let the fleeing victims of ethnic cleansing escape their torturers! Let
food, medicine, educational supplies, and everything else needed for a
human life, reach the communities who are resisting ethnic cleansing.
Let Kosova live!

Therefore if you are to reach us you will need to organize yourselves to
be strong enough to demand from the Serbian regime the right to travel
to Kosova.  We ask everyone who hears this appeal to unite to organise a
"convoy of aid and solidarity".  

Your action will signal that the people of Europe will not sit back and
allow ethnic cleansing and will not allow politicians to make the
promise "No more Bosnia's" become empty words.

Your action will give hope and strength to all the people in Kosova who
want to establish a just and democratic society in which everyone can
live and work in peace.

Please contact us today, this minute.  Our future is in your hands.

Agim Hyseni,

On behalf of

SBASHK - The Union of Education, Science and Culture of Kosova. 
Ardian Kastrati - Students Independent Union of University of Pristina
Nediha Grapci  - Humanitarian Association of Kosova "Helping Hand" 
The Independent Union of Health workers of Kosova
Xhafer Nuli - The Independent Union of Miners of Stari Terg - Kosova
25 March 1999

Contact Agim Hyseni tel/fax ++ 381 38 26 112 
or Ardian Kastrati email upsup@albanian.com

Please also contact Workers' Aid for Kosova tel/fax ++ 44 161 226 0404
email workersaid@redbricks.org.uk