Re: Legislating Hairbraiding

Tom Boland (
Sun, 28 Mar 1999 00:05:55 -0800 (PST) (Mike Steindel) wrote:
>Can you believe this! The Calif. Legislature is passing laws regarding
>who can braid hair... Some cities actually used undercover cops to bust
>people braiding others hair at the beach... What has this Govt. come to.
>Have they nothing better to attend to... This is just another blatant
>attempt to collect license fees and regulate our lives while creating a
>criminal subculture of subversive Hair-Braiders... Enough All ready...

Restricting hair-braiding hurts homeless youth, whom I see ply their craft
in Harvard Square, at Rainbow Gatherings and at musical and cultural events.

You want poor people to work?  Ok, stop erecting barriers. such as unneeded
training certificates and permits.

The subtext of such restrictions seems to be to criminalize alternative
lifestyles and "informal sector" sales and barter.  Why?  To drive artisans
-- and all poor people who would survive -- into low-paid jobs at long
hours, thus profiting their bosses and the wealth that backs the shopping
mall mindset, whatever the cost to our communities and Earth's life-web.

[Roma] "Gypises" in the neighborhood were a patent threat in Hitler's eyes,
and seemingly also in the eyes of many downtown business owners worldwide.

Save Bohemia! -- Harmonica Tom, street musician & performance permit refusenik

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