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> A couple of days ago I wrote an objection about the
> city of Palo Alto
> handing over 60 Grand to the cops for a nurse and
> social worker. Police
> Dept's all across the United States are engaged in
> commiting acts of
> terrorism against the homeless, helpless, mentaly
> ill, minorities, young
> people and those without the funds to fight
> back....In other words they
> target easy prey. These thugs and bullies should not
> be trusted to give
> aid to anyone. Can you really see yourself asking
> someone with a
> billyclub mentality for help. I think any politician
> who claims we need
> more cops or poses with them for photo ops is not to
> be trusted. The
> cops protect and serve the rich and influential. In a
> society that is
> bent on filling jails with the most needy of its
> population the last
> group you should look for help from is its
> jailors...permission is
> granted to reprint my rant....mike
> here is the article that got me started.....
> --------------------------------
> Via Workers World News Service
> Reprinted from the Mar. 25, 1999
> issue of Workers World newspaper
> --------------------------------
> By Fred Goldstein
> Police brutality is an institution that is as
> widespread and deeply
> rooted in capitalist society as exploitation itself.
> Indeed,
> exploitation cannot be maintained without police. And
> wherever there are
> police there is racism and brutality.
> When cases such as those of Amadou Diallo, Abner
> Louima or Rodney King
> break into the headlines because police have been
> caught in the act
> red-handed, the capitalist establishment feigns
> outrage and shock. But
> this is strictly for the benefit of the public.
> Year after year, the bosses dish out hefty salaries,
> large budgets and
> high honors to police chiefs and commanders across
> the country who
> administer and cover up for the armies of cops in
> every municipality and
> township, large and small, that brutalize the
> oppressed peoples and the
> working class on a daily basis.
> A recent Human Rights Watch report, "Shielded from
> Justice: Police
> Brutality and Accountability in the United States,"
> focused on police
> brutality in a sample of 14 cities. This relatively
> modest study
> compiled enough information on police brutality to
> form the basis of
> several congressional inquiries, presidential
> commissions, talk show
> panels around the clock on all the networks, banner
> headlines in the
> tabloids, interviews with victims, purges of
> government and police
> officials, and massive criminal prosecutions of cops
> at all levels.
> That is, it would have if the establishment had the
> least interest in
> abolishing police brutality instead of covering it
> up.
> For example, the U.S. government, always on the
> lookout for so-called
> "human rights violations" by governments that
> Washington is trying to
> undermine or overthrow, could have started the search
> in any city in the
> U.S.
> In Chicago 65 incidents of police torture were
> documented between the
> years 1972 and 1991. They included the use of
> electric shock applied to
> suspects' genitals and other parts of their bodies,
> burning a suspect on
> a hot radiator, and psychological torture techniques
> by and under the
> supervision of a Commander Jon Bunge. No one was ever
> prosecuted.
> Some of the cops who took part in the torture were
> retired with full
> benefits. Another was recommended for valor by the
> mayor and promoted
> from captain to lieutenant.
> In 1996 there were 3,000 complaints against the
> Chicago police, most by
> Black and Latino residents, for brutality, racist
> treatment and abuse of
> authority. In only six cases was dismissal
> contemplated. No one was
> dismissed.
> In Los Angeles, according to HRW, "the videotaped
> beating of Rodney King
> exemplified so much that was (and in some cases still
> is) wrong with the
> LAPD._ Many of the components of the King incident
> are common to
> less-publicized abuse cases. There was the obvious
> race factor. _ The
> beating followed a vehicle pursuit, and once stopped,
> the defendant was
> not considered compliant enough--a common scenario in
> police beatings.
> When the man who videotaped the beating and King's
> brother _ attempted
> to report the incident, they were turned away or
> ignored. Inaccurate
> reports were filed by the police.
> "Three out of the four officers eventually indicted _
> had been named in
> prior complaints_. In fact, it is likely that, if
> this incident had not
> been videotaped and broadcast widely, any complaint
> about the beating
> would not have been sustained, since the sustained
> rate for complaints _
> was about 2 percent."
> According to the HRW report, Black people and Latinos
> are still
> routinely "proned out" just for walking the streets
> or driving in their
> vehicles. The vicious K-9 dogs trained to bite are
> still used to
> terrorize people. Many of the killer cops identified
> by the Christopher
> Commission after the Los Angeles rebellion are not
> only still on the
> force, but two have shot and killed people since.
> Furthermore, L.A.
> police commissioner Parks disregarded even the mild
> recommendations of
> the Christopher Commission when he took over in 1997.
> In New York City in 1992, Mayor David Dinkins
> appointed the Mollen
> Commission to investigate corruption in the NYPD
> after cops in the 30th,
> 9th, 46th, 75th and 73rd precincts were caught
> selling drugs and beating
> people to keep them from talking.
> "What emerged," wrote the HRW report, "was a picture
> of how everyday
> brutality corrupted relations among police officers
> and city residents.
> The Mollen Commission heard from officers who
> admitted pouring ammonia
> on the face of a detainee _ from another who threw
> garbage and boiling
> water on someone hiding in a dumbwaiter shaft.
> Another _ doctored an
> `escape rope´ used by drug dealers so they would
> plunge to the ground
> _ and the same group also raided a brothel while in
> uniform _ and
> terrorized and raped the women there. Mollen found
> `Brutality _
> sometimes serves as a rite of passage to other forms
> of corruption and
> misconduct.´"
> Mayor Rudolph Giuliani, like chief Parks in L.A.,
> disregarded the mild
> measures of oversight recommended by the Mollen
> Commission. These
> recommendations are never mandatory, legally binding,
> but are basically
> window dressing.
> Since then, Abner Louima has been tortured, unarmed
> Aswan Watson was
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