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Subj: Vancouver Gathering of Nations

  Justanoldman has asked that you read the following, act on it and
redistribute it to as many news sources and non-news sources as possible.
  I hope that I don't make this too long because it may be the most
important announcement I have ever made on the net or any other way, so
please read this carefully, think about it some & talk it over with
& relations, with your elders & advisors.
  I have had confirmation of this news for 2 months now. I have chewed on
it with many people whose opinions I respect very much. Some I asked were
against, but many more are for it. So here it is.
  What is potentially the BIGGEST happening/event concerning the Nations
this land since the time when men & animals could understand each other
will be happening this summer in Vancouver, BC, 19th-24th of July.   I
would like to ask each of you who are reading this & are of the Nations,
consider being part of this historic closing of the circle.. If you make
the effort, it will be TREMENDOUSLY historic..

  From 19th-24th of July, for the first & last time in this millennium,
representatives of each & every First Nation and/or Tribe in North
- from ALL OF THE NATIONS!! - will be gathering in one place. The
Congress of American Indians (NCAI) & the Assembly of First Nations (AFN)
will be holding the first ever JOINT Annual General Assembly of the
they represent. Representatives of the Congress Nacional Indigenas (CNI -
all of the Nations in Mexico) may also be invited as observers.   I had
spoken of my hope for this happening on this ng about a year ago.. And
I know that the AFN & the NCAI "official members" are what many consider
be puppet-governments - (the federally-installed Councils have the same
role as prison trustees, to these eyes, although I believe most are good
people working hard).
  But yet I STILL ask you to to seriously consider coming to Vancouver
the week during the NCAI/AFN Joint AGA, even though I know that there's a
political gathering there of groups that I 'ideologically' oppose..  
.. Because it can be about people & power instead of politics & power if
you decide to make it so..
  Think of the message that sends out to the world.. People of ALL of the
Nations of this land, together, in one place, at one time.
  Because if enough people of the True-Peoples come from every part of
land we love, then by their very presence in large numbers this happening
will be transformed from a continental political meeting of middling
importance into a global event that the world will pay attention to. And
the world press WILL be there in growing numbers as the size of the
gathering grows. That is certain. For example..
  This gathering of the Nations, if there are enough of you, will be the
ending of an IMAX movie being filmed the past 18 mths about the
peoples' journey through the past 1000 years. You can make sure it's a
happy ending by being there. Press contacts from every corner of the
has expressed keen interest in "getting this story".. Will they
film/tape/interview the people of the Nations, or the politicians of the
Nations? If there are enough people, the politicians become a footnote to
the people, to the real story. The tail will not wag the dog.   YOUR
presence there can take this event go far, far beyond the minor political
meeting that is planned, making it something your children will tell
children about..
  "I was there! I was there when we sang to the world, in triumphant joy,
(I don't think that old men will brag, "I was at the NCAI/AFN Joint AGA

And if it's going to happen it will happen in traditional style.. -There
NO "Organizing Committee", no "Coordinating Team".. No numbers to call or
website to give you a step-by-step "how to". (Aiee! No "experts"!
I guess now we see who is willing to just put their faith in their
grandfathers & grandmothers.. If you decide to go, trust them; they'll
you there.) If it makes you feel better, then feel free to set up
form committees.. car pools.. etc.  As Leonard says.., it's up to you, an
army of one...

"We are each an army of one.." - Leonard Peltier - from his forthcoming
book ("Prison Writings: My Life is my Sundance") with masi:cho for his
permission to reprint it here-
  AIM is not an organization.  AIM, as its name clearly says, is a
movement. Within that movement organizations come and go.  No one person
special group of people runs AIM.  Don't confuse AIM with any particular
individual or individuals who march under its banner--however worthy or
unworthy they may be.  AIM is the People.  AIM will be there when every
of us living today is gone.  AIM will raise new leaders in every
generation.  Crazy Horse belonged to AIM.  Sitting Bull belonged to AIM.
They belong to us still, and we belong to them.  They're with us now.
  One other point I want to make about AIM.  There are no followers in
We are all leaders.  We are each an army of one, working for the survival
of our people and of the Earth, our Mother.  This isn't rhetoric.  This
commitment.  This is who we are.
  Yes, we can each be an army of one.  One good man or one good woman can
change the world, can push back the evil, and their work can be a beacon
for millions, for billions.  Are you that man or woman?  If so, may the
Great Spirit bless you.  If not, why not?  We must each of us be that
person.  That will transform the world overnight.  That would be a
yes, but a miracle within our power, our healing power.
If each of us, each of these armies joins hands & sings in one voice in
this one place this one time, the world will hear it. The need for a
voice, a LOUD voice is urgent.., to remind the world that the pending
age"/"new world order"/"global village" has full & equal partners in the
shaping of this "new" thing, this death of yesterday & birth of tomorrow.
And these Nations, these free & equal partners have never disappeared, &
are once more strong enough to resume their place standing next to all
other nations, kneeling before none... The status quo is OVER!   So
consider coming to Vancouver, for a day or for a week, from the 19-24th
July, 1999. This is the generation that is the turning point, the closing
of one circle & beginning of another. The time has come, I say with
respect, to take the step beyond believing in yourself, believing in the
family-of-families spanning generations that is your Nation. Now I think
it's time to show the world that you are a living part of your Nation..,
that our children's children & their Nation-becoming may live.   If there
was ever a time when you wanted to do something then do this NOW! If ever
you wished to give voice to all those-gone-but-still-with-us, then decide
to come to this gathering NOW!
If ever you wished to give voice to all those-yet-to-be-born, then decide
to come to this gathering NOW!
If there was ever a time in history when such a voice should be heard
is NOW!
If there was ever a time when the great circle of the people, of the
NATIONS should come together, let it be now...
  Stand with pride before the world in Vancouver, 19th-24th July.. Bring
your brothers, sisters, parents, kids, elders & babies.. Bring your
your songs, your smiles.. Come & join hands, share strength, grow
feel the power of the circle, the power of the Nations.
  And for those who don't support the NCAI/AFN I respectfully remind them
that I'm not too crazy about them myself, but suggest that only the
gathering of the people from ALL the Nations will show the world the REAL
representatives of the Nations - You, & all who travel to Vancouver with
you... The politicians will be happy to have the world's cameras &
microphones to themselves alone, if you're not there.
  People are more powerful than politics, & YOU can make history, in
Vancouver, 19-24 July, 1999.

"We are each an army of one..."
masi:cho to Leonard for his inspiration & sharing his opinion in this, &
masi:cho also to each of you who will spread the word, & come & sing the
song that will make the "invisibles" visible again... the NATIONS LIVE!
(Distribute widely!/freely!/joyfully!/proudly!)
PS - If I remember right, the City of Vancouver is the shared territory
the Coast Squamish, Mushqueam & Burrard First Nations, so I remind those
who may not know that the elders/clan heads of those Nations should be
& thanked for their hospitality when you arrive. Maybe remind your
"Official Band Council/Tribal Council Delegates" going to their
about this fact. And maybe while you're talking to these official
representatives of your Nation who are going you can mention that you'll
just outside when the Indian politicians meet.., you & several thousand
other relations...
PPS - As for food, lodging, powwow.. There will be plenty of drums I'm
sure, as there always is when people of the Nations come together, &
dancing may or may not happen, depending on whether YOU feel like it or
not.. Food? Well if there's none being fixed/shared where you camp out
there are plenty of restaurants of every kind there.. Lodging? If there
rooms available or spaces in nearby campgrounds, I'm sure that the
municipal officials will lean on the army for a tent-city (or two) for
the Indians spending money their stores & restaurants (& the US dollar
you about $1.35 up here right now).

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