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On Sat, 20 Mar 1999 Sulahad wrote:

> hi all - ya know...  sometimes this cyber stuff is too cool.  i was just
> reading my email and an instant message popped up on my screen.  turns ou=
> it's a 13 y.o. girl who found me because of my profile (i specifically me=
> anti-racism work).  she writes poetry and sings and plays bass in a punk/=
> band named the Fishnet Stalkers in maryland.  anyway, she asked me if i w=
> read this poem she wrote...  is that **cool or what?!?!  i really **love =
> when stuff like this happens.  anyway, i told her about this group and as=
> if i could forward her poem to you all, and her response was "wowy - that
> would be too rad!!"  (oye, am i old).  she says she thinks about racism a=
> and has had some personal experiences that cause her to write about it.  =
> don't know about you, but exchanges like this make me feel a whole lot be=
> about the world.....
> Opression tends to linger
> Freedom of rights is lost
> Violence over nothing
> Fought to prove an unknown cause
> but yet we wait we pause
> til nothing gets done, everythings wrong
> we stay and think, what we should have done
> we are deaf but hear the pain
> we are blind but still see it reigns
> fear of what they have in store
> afriad that they will kill us more
> heart lost in what we believe
> we'll stand through, soon you will see
> =A91999 Fishnet Stalkers
> *Lisa* (the Beautiful Freak) aka Edith Love
> is that ***awesome***???  i mean - it's definitely written by a 13 yr old=
, but
> i just think it's the coolest thing.  anyway, i told her i'd forward to h=
> any comments that people had about the poem, so say something nice!  how =
> our resident poet, rodney??
> -laura    <~~~~~ lovin life right now.......
any words for this young poet from hpners?  Pat Myers

It is in the shelter *
Of each other        *
That the people live.*

From=20a mural,
Mind-mapped by homeless
youth from Seattle's
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