NOW ALERT: Housing Funds Needed for Domestic Violence Survivors

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     From the National Organization for Women Action Center:

     March 19, 1999

The Issue:

Your immediate help on this issue is important for survivors of domestic
violence who may face homelessness.  As you may be aware, hundreds of
battered women every year flee abusive situations with few financial
resources. They find temporary safety at a battered women=EDs shelter, but
they ultimately must move themselves and their children into long-term
housing. Studies show that at least half of all homeless women and children
are fleeing abuse and 50% of the women receiving Temporary Assistance to
Needy Families (TANF) cite domestic violence as a factor in their need for
funds. Their problems are complicated by the lack of low-cost housing.

Rep. Jan Schakowsky (D-IL) is introducing a bill to provide housing
assistance for survivors of domestic violence, entitled the Domestic
Violence and Sexual Assault Victims=ED Housing Act. She will try to move thi=
legislation by amending it to H.R. 1073, the Homeless Housing Programs
Consolidation and Flexibility Act, sponsored by Rep. Rick Lazio (R-NY),
chair of the House Subcommittee Housing and Community Opportunity.

Rep. Schakowsky=EDs legislative proposal authorizes $50 million in FY00 and
necessary funds for FY01-FY04, for housing assistance in the form of
supportive housing, tenant-based rental assistance, financial assistance
for security deposit, first month=EDs rent, or ongoing rental assistance for
survivors of domestic violence, stalking or adult or child sexual abuse.
This assistance may be funded through a competitive grant to non-profits
with 25% matching funds or in a block grant to state and local governments.
=46ive percent of these funds might be set aside for Native American nations=

Time is very short. Either the full House Banking and Financial Services
Committee or the housing subcommittee may be considering H.R. 1073, as
early as Tuesday, March 23rd. Rep. Schakowsky will offer her domestic
violence housing bill as an amendment and your help to build support among
committee members is urgently needed. We especially need to stress that
members should not shift any funds from existing programs for the homeless
to this new program for domestic violence survivors. Rather,  new sources
of funding should be found for domestic violence survivors=ED housing. The
$50 million being requested is a modest amount, but it=EDs at least a
beginning and, hopefully, we can add to it in following years.

Who to Contact:

Please call the committee members listed here, even if you are not a
constituent in their district, but, of course, we need to have constituents
call as well.  On the Republican side, members are Rick Lazio (NY), Bob Ney
(OH), Mark Green (WI), Doug Bereuter (NE), Richard Baker (LA), Tom Campbell
(CA), Bob Barr (GA), Sue Kelly (NY), Rick Hill (MT), Walter Jones Jr. (NC),
Doug Ose (CA), John Sweeney (NY), Lee Terry (NE), Jack Metcalf (WA), Marge
Roukema (NJ), Peter King (NY), Judy Biggert (IL), Bill McCollum (FL),
Michael Castle (DE) and Donald Manzullo (IL). On the Democratic side,
please call Nydia Velasquez (NY), John Maloney (CT), Virgil Goode (VA),
Darlene Hooley (OR), Julia Carson (IN), Robert Weygand (RI), Bruce Vento
(MN), Barbara Lee (CA), Stephanie Tubbs Jones (OH), Michael Capuano (MA)
and Barney Frank (MA), ranking member.

The main number for the Congress is (202) 225-3121; just ask for the
member=EDs office and the operator will connect you.  If you wish further
information such as fax numbers or email addresses, please consult the
Website for Congress at

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