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Attention all activists and people who continue to be outraged over the
Amadou Diallo shooting: 

A group of lawyers are taking action and joining the continuing civil
disobedience actions taking place almost daily at One Police Plaza, the
headquarters building of the New York Police Department. 

Initiated by Ron Kuby, as of yesterday almost 40 lawyers have already
made commitments to conduct civil disobedience on Monday, March 22. 

Starting at 11:00 AM at 60 Centre Street--the New York Supreme Court
building--all committed attorneys will conduct individual readings from
the Stolen Lives Project--the national compendium and record of people
killed the police in the 1990's, issued by the October 22nd Coalition,
the National Lawyers Guild and the Anthony Baez Foundation. Then the
lawyers will march to One Police Plaza. 

The October 22nd Coalition (NYC committee) is calling for all
organizations and participants to mobilize broad support for this
action! We need people to represent...especially for many of these
lawyers who have placed themselves on the front lines in representing
victims of police violence, and who have worked tirelessly on behalf of
anti-police brutality actions and demonstrations. 

These actions must continue until we get the four cops in the Diallo
shooting indicted! They continue to enjoy the buffering from the
Contact the October 22nd Coalition (NYC) at 212-979-7878 x3920. 

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