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Here's one way of dealing with presidential vermin:

Billionaires for Steve Forbes Launched - 
Look for coverage on your local and national news!

        Today, on the steps of the State House in Concord, New 
as Steve Forbes announced his candidacy for President, United for A Fair
Economy launched its latest campaign, "Billionaires For Steve Forbes."  

        At first, UFE staffers and volunteers, smartly dressed in 
suits and formal dresses, held innocuous signs and led supportive chants
such as "Forbes in 2000" and "Run Steve Run!"  A large hand-painted 
carried Forbes' slogan, "He wants YOU to win."  

        However, each of the signs had another sign behind it.  At the
moment of his announcement, the large banner was pulled away to reveal
another that read "Billionaires For Steve Forbes - Because inequality is
not growing fast enough. "   Meanwhile, the hand-held signs suddenly 
"Tax cuts for us, not our maids", "Tax work, not wealth," and 
"Free the Forbes 400."   What a lift he must have felt from his 
boosters as they chanted "Let workers pay the tax, so investors can 
and other supportive slogans they had devised in his honor! 

        And all the major press were there - CBS, ABC, NBC, CSPAN and 
others.  Please set your VCRs and channel surf tonight's national and 
news broadcasts and for coverage of the event.  Also, check your local
papers for coverage.  Let us know what you see, and send us clippings if
you can.  

And remember...

Vote for Steve Forbes. Because inequality is not growing fast  enough!!

P.S. A few Forbes Factoids:  

        Steve Forbes' flat tax proposal would eliminate all taxes on
investment income as well as the capital gains tax; it would mean higher
effective tax rates for people earning under $100,000 a year and much 
effective rates for millionaires and billionaires. On his own personal 
return, Mr. Forbes would save $174,000 per year if the flat tax were
implemented, according to a 1995 analysis by Citizens for Tax Justice. 
tax bill would fall from 20.5% of his total 1995 reported earnings of 
million to only 9.9%. In the long run, if he sells his inherited 
of stock, his savings under the flat tax could total $1.9 billion.

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