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If the idea of a poor people's march on Washington, DC, can take on the
overall purpose of the cause of global peace, then those involved are
invited to collaborate together and join with us in the Global Peace Walk
2000 which will depart San Francisco on Martin Luther King, Jr., birthday
observance, arrive in Washington, DC, for a ceremony with perhaps a million
people to rededicate the Washington Monument as a Symbol of The Message of
Peace, and on to the United Nations for its 55th anniversary October 24,
1999.  For more information on this walk initiated in 1995 walking from New
York to San Francisco, see GEAR2000 website:

FOR ONE HUMAN FAMILY:  Love All, Serve All
         Global Emergency Alert Response
David Crockett Williams                661-822-3309
20411 Steeple Court, Tehachapi CA 93561 USA
         The  Global  Peace  Walk 1999-2000
Annually:   22APR Taos, NM, --->  Santa Fe 26APR
2000:  15JAN  San Francisco --> New York  24OCT
  20SEP* Washington, DC, Ceremony Rededicating
The Washington Monument as a Symbol of Peace.
*3rd Wednesday of September is annual opening of
UN General Assembly & International Day of Peace
           October 24th is United Nations Day
"GLOBAL PEACE NOW!" Global Peace Zone2000
Remove the scourge of war from future generations

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>That post should have been from us.  We are the people to put them in touch
>with.  Our posted date is likely to be changed - we're looking at moving it
>to the next MLK birthday, but are open from discussion by all activists and
>orgs who want to take part.
>At 02:46 PM 3/19/99 , you wrote:
>>Back in February, I read a post about a revival of Martin Luther King's
>>plans for a Poor People's March on Washington.  I mentioned the idea in
>>an editorial I wrote for Real Change on Martin Luther King's Birthday.
>>Now I have several activists and Real Change vendors after me for more
>>information, because they want to MARCH.  Help, please! :)  Who do I put
>>them in touch with?
>>~~ Anitra
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