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Bread & Jams is the nonprofit managed by homeless people, which I helped to
found in 1989.  We strted out serving rice and beans in a local park called
Cambridge Common, and have served this free Sunday dinner weekly since May,
1990.  Our homeless-run Center and 7-days-a-week van service, both begun in
1991, have served thousands of homeless and poor people since.

Our Self-Advocacy Center serves about 60 homeless people daily in Harvard
Square, Cambridge, MA, USA.  We're open from 9-5 weekdays.

We also advise policy-makers (for instance, as the "homeless
representatives" on boards of provider and advocacy groups).  Plus we have
occsional coffeehouses and benefits, and regularly scheduled Cable TV shows
broadcasting homeless people's news, views and music.

Our focus in not just "self-help", but also "mutual aid" -- to help our
homeless peers.  We are run by consensus of our homeless and poor members,
who decide our rules, policy stands, projects, staff and budget.  While our
results fall short of our vision sometimes, we remain  decade-old effort to
create a local "homeless people's democracy".

Please check out our Web Site at either URL at the top of this page.  If
your computer software does not support "frames", try

The info on the Web Site is about a year old.  I hope to update and expand
it soon.  Plese visit our URL, and drop by to join with our "street family"
if ever you're in the Greater Boston area.

Seeking peaceful means to homeless peoples' aims.
-- Tom Boland <>

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