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That post should have been from us.  We are the people to put them in touch
with.  Our posted date is likely to be changed - we're looking at moving it
to the next MLK birthday, but are open from discussion by all activists and
orgs who want to take part.

At 02:46 PM 3/19/99 , you wrote:
>Back in February, I read a post about a revival of Martin Luther King's
>plans for a Poor People's March on Washington.  I mentioned the idea in
>an editorial I wrote for Real Change on Martin Luther King's Birthday.
>Now I have several activists and Real Change vendors after me for more
>information, because they want to MARCH.  Help, please! :)  Who do I put
>them in touch with?
>~~ Anitra
> for a full list of websites
>and webrings because if I list them all here, you will be SO mad at me ...
>  vegetarian, nonviolence, consensus
>-Food Not Bombs List
>-distributing food in opposition to violence
>-active cities:
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