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>I have just now posted submission guidelines for Real Change
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[For folks who have email but can't access Internet, here's the text of URL
Anitra sent us:]

Getting Published in Real Change

Real Change seeks submissions of poetry, short fiction and non-fiction on
an ongoing basis.  Works by homeless and low-income people are especially
encouraged. Work should be related to issues of homelessness and poverty;
first-hand accounts and writing by vendors are most welcome.

We also accept news and current events articles, but please query first.

What to Submit

Articles should be 800 to 1200 words in length; shorter articles have a
better chance of being printed. Follow high journalistic standards; cover a
topical subject that is relevant to either homelessness, poverty or labor
issues; be interesting.  Photographs are a plus.

Photographs and Art Work: Must reproduce well in black and white.

If you have experience in journalism or photography, and are willing to
donate some time, please call us at (206) 441-3247 or email We plan stories several months in advance and are
always glad to find a new hand to take a topic.

Essays and Opinion Pieces: We do publish essays and opinion, well-reasoned
and well-written, relevant to our concerns of homelessness, poverty, and
labor issues; must be 800 words or under.  This may include your own

Fiction should be 800 to 1200 words in length; shorter stories have a
better chance of being printed.

Poetry: Preferred length is 20 lines or less, but longer work up to 2 pages
will be considered.  All types and themes of poetry are considered. You do
not have to be homeless and your poem does not have to deal with
homelessness.  Homeless people have love lives and enjoy nature and play
with their children and relate to anything else your poem may be about.
But if your poem does deal with homelessness or poverty, it must be
authentic and say something original.

Themes That Have Been Done Already:
Homelessness sucks.
People should be kinder.
Jesus was homeless too.

Reading the paper is the best way to get a good idea of what we publish.

How to Submit

We love email submissions.
First choice: plain text, inserted into the body of the email message.
Second choice: plain text, sent as an attachment.
Third choice: A Word document, any generation up to 6.0, sent as an

Email address: <>

Postal Mail:
Submitted for Publication
Real Change
2129 Second Avenue
Seattle WA 908121

Come on in: You may bring your material in to the office: we are at the
corner of Second & Blanchard, beside the Millionaire Thrift Club.

For a response, include an SASE or contact us. Please allow 6-8 weeks.

Decisions are made by an eight-person editorial committee of writers who
have all experienced poverty and homelessness. We review submissions once a
month. If you include contact information with your submission, we will try
to notify you of the editors' decision within two weeks of the review.

If your work is accepted: it will generally appear in the paper 1-3 months
afterward. In order to keep the paper's content cohesive and timely, we
select poetry and fiction to accompany news and feature articles; and
cannot forecast which issue your piece will be in. Call us for an update if
you wish.

Everything except poetry may be edited for grammar, spelling, and length.

If your work is rejected: we will return it if you include an SASE, or hold
onto it for 6 months in case you want to come pick it up. After 6 months it
will be discarded.

Payment for all work published in Real Change -- articles, poetry, fiction,
or photos -- is ten copies of the issue in which the contribution is
printed, a retail value of $10.00.

In addition, you receive exposure in a high-quality paper and an
award-winning website. Our paper is printed twice a month. Each issue sells
approximately 15,000 copies, and according to our surveys each copy is read
by at least three people. The mainstream papers of Seattle have picked up
some stories from us.

The most important return that most of our contributors are looking for is
being a part of the street-paper movement, helping to end homelessness and
create a more just society.

For more information, contact Bob Redmond, Production Manager, at (206)

Real Change, Seattle's Homeless Newspaper:

2129 Second Ave., Seattle, WA 98121 (206) 441-3247

Submission guidelines for Real Change, posted on the World Wide Web, at


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