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=46WD from Cologne, Germany
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On Thu, 18 Mar 1999, daniel rue=FE wrote:

Hello to all people who are interested in FOOD NOT BOMBS related

This is the first FOOD NOT BOMBS Cologne email which is going to all
=46NB-adresses we get. Please, if you get this, send it to other
=46NB-related emailadresses you know, thanks.

We want to inform you about what is going on the city of cologne and in
our group.

Our group made the first FNB action on Sunday the 22 in december 1997.
At that time we were about 20 persons and we could hold these number of
activists. The place was and is still the so called "Domplatte". This is
the place around the famous cathedral of cologne. It is a very public
place; day by day a lot of tourists and inhabitants visit the cathedral.

But at this place the expulsion policy of the town office with its
townsheriffs and police is visualized in its aggressivst way. People
like the homeless, punks, panhandler and others who does not fit in the
hygienic town vision of the alliance between town authority and
"citymarketing" are expelled from the "Domplatte". This "citymarketing"
is a commercial union which wants to put the downtown of cologne into
private enterprisesand and create a land of commerce and money. Their
aim is to expel all people from downtown who are different to their town
of commerce and money picture. Projects like the "Klagemauer for Peace"
where systematically expelled from the "Domplatte". The people of this
project were beaten up; they were physically forced to leave the place
in front of the cathedral by police and town authority.

[ Maybe I should inform you about the "Klagemauer for Peace": This
project had the idea to express and spread thoughts of protest,
resistance, different lifestyles, peace, liberty,...  there was a wall
existing of pieces of paper. Everyone who passes by could write down his
points of view to several themes or simply feelings. The wall became
something like a bill of indictment. The town authority and also the
church could not stand this critical democratic expressions and
consequently they start to fight the "Klagemauer for Peace" in a very
brutal way. After two years they seem to won the fight. By the way the
german word -Klagemauer- means something like wall of complaint.]

             Now, back to our group: every second Sunday we make our
action on the "Domplatte". We give salads, vegetable stew and soups and
bread to all hungry people. We had sometimes confrontations with the
town authority and their sheriffs or the police, also. Most of the time
they want addresses of us. They want the address of someone who is
responsible for the action. The town authorities get one address of an
activist of our group for two times. The last time they get one address
was in january '99. There are not any consequences for the registered
activists til now. It is not sure what the town authorities will make
with the captured addresses.  Good luck, there were not any fights and
attacks by the police or the town sheriffs. They simply threaten us. We
will inform you about this process in the next Internetletter...

At the moment our group is preparing for the world economy congress and
the European Union meeting in cologne in the first and third weekend of
june. We want to protest against world economy and exploitation of the
so called "third world", the inundation of food in the European Union
countries and in contrast to that the hunger and the suffering in other
parts of the world,...and so on. there are a lot of themes. We want to
make spectacular actions to focus peoples attention on the problems
which produce the worldwide capitalism and the world economy system.

Please, mail us soon if you have ideas and plans for big FOOD NOT BOMBS
actions which could rise peoples attention and cousciousness. We plan to
make one or more actions with FOOD NOT BOMBS groups from other german
towns, Europe and the rest of the world. We invite you to come to
cologne and to protest against the two meetings. When you are interested
please reply under the heading : WWG/EU.

and now bye bye until we write the next letter
greetings go out to all FNB - Groups in the world and all interested

Address:   FOOD NOT BOMBS Cologne
                 c/o Infoladen Koeln
                 Ludolf-Camphausen-Strasse 36
                 50672 Koeln      Germoney

email Address:  fnbcologne@gmx.de

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