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Thu, 18 Mar 1999 18:29:12 -0800 (PST)

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This is the Conclusion offered to the members of the U.S. Senate about
the National Missle Defense System called THAD. I wonder if many of them
bothered to take time out of Fund Raising to read it...

S. 257 would needlessly make a premature NMD deployment decision and
jeopardize our ongoing effort to work cooperatively with Russia on
possible changes to the ABM Treaty, an effort the President and his
senior national security advisors believe is critically important. S.
257 would not accelerate the NMD system by a single day, but could
increase the proliferation risk from thousands of nuclear weapons that
would otherwise be eliminated through the START process. In other words,
S. 257 would provide no tangible benefit to the NMD program, but it
could reduce our security.  We are all concerned with the need to
protect Americans from the threat of ballistic missiles from rogue
nations, as we are with the need to protect Americans from other
threats. The Defense Department is already proceeding as fast as
possible with the development of a limited National Missile Defense
system. The Administration is working in a cooperative manner to
negotiate possible changes to the ABM Treaty that could preserve the
benefits of that treaty, including the verified reduction of thousands
of Russian nuclear weapons. Secretary Cohen's plan is the right one and
we should stick with it.  Carl Levin. 
Ted Kennedy. 
Jeff Bingaman. 
Robert C. Byrd. 
Chuck Robb. 
Max Cleland. 
Jack Reed.

Here is the vote. 97 YES and 3 NO...If your Senators are among the YES
votes maybe you should ask them why. My two are Feinstein and Boxer both
voted yes and I want to know why. I think it is time to stop wasting tax
money on systems that even the Secretay of Defense doesn.t want.

U.S. Senate Roll Call Votes
106th Congress - 1st Session (1999)
as compiled through Senate LEGIS by the Senate Bill Clerk under the
direction of the Secretary of the Senate
Vote Number: 51 Bill No.: S.257 Vote Date: March 17, 1999, 2:19 PM
Title: S.257 as amended Req. for Majority: 1/2 Result: Bill Passed 
    Abraham           Feingold           Mack 
    Akaka          Feinstein           McCain 
    Allard        Fitzgerald        McConnell 
    Ashcroft          Frist          Mikulski 
    Baucus          Gorton           Moynihan 
    Bayh           Graham           Murkowski 
    Bennett           Gramm            Murray 
    Biden            Grams            Nickles 
    Bingaman          Grassley           Reed 
    Bond              Gregg              Reid 
    Boxer             Hagel              Robb 
    Breaux           Harkin           Roberts 
    Brownback        Hatch        Rockefeller 
    Bryan             Helms              Roth 
    Bunning         Hollings         Santorum 
    Burns         Hutchinson         Sarbanes 
    Byrd          Hutchison           Schumer 
    Campbell         Inhofe          Sessions 
    Chafee           Inouye            Shelby 
    Cleland        Jeffords         Smith Bob 
    Cochran      Johnson       Smith Gordon H 
    Collins           Kennedy           Snowe 
    Conrad           Kerrey           Specter 
    Coverdell          Kerry          Stevens 
    Craig             Kohl             Thomas 
    Crapo            Kyl             Thompson 
    Daschle         Landrieu         Thurmond 
    DeWine       Lautenberg        Torricelli 
    Dodd           Levin            Voinovich 
    Domenici         Lieberman         Warner 
    Dorgan           Lincoln            Wyden 
    Edwards                  Lott                     
    Enzi                     Lugar                    
    Durbin          Leahy           Wellstone 
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