Re: Home-Care Workers: Unions fight for a living wage

Thomas Cagle (
Tue, 16 Mar 1999 18:33:44 -0500

To: Tom B
From: Tom C
Morning all,
This is a hot button issue. And Mr Boland is right in his assessment that
that there are or could be many co-housing arangements possible for
homeless people, that are equally advantageous to both people with
mobility disabilities, and folks with less profound disabilities. 

Of course no state agency is looking at this issue with more than a
quarter-opened eye as it would be just too damned sensible to put say
welfare moms with children in homes with people with disabilities who see
all to few children. I mean hell if you have aquired a new disability you
only 'want' to be segregated to living with your peers, right? NOT!

This issue of habitation and rehabilitation isn't going to get worked out
untill we make the "helping agencies" and the polliticians really look at
it from our perspective.

Tom C

From: Ric Burger <>
Subject: Re: Home-Care Workers: Unions fight for a living wage  FWD
Date: Tue, 16 Mar 1999 11:14:36 -0800

Oregon ADAPT has joined forces with the Oregon Public Employees Union,
which is the Oregon representative of the Service Employees International
Union in a campaign to bring the right to unionize to home care workers
in Oregon.  currently home care workers are treated by the state as
independent contracters and do not receive workers compensation insurance
(Back Injuries are a common occurance) the Statewide Alliance for
Independent Living (SAIL) is backing a bill in the Oregon Senate (SB
1169) that would create a semi-public entity to be the employer of
record, for payroll and fiscal purposes, for PCA's in Oregon.  Hiring and
firing on a client- provider would still be done by by the consumer, with
grievance procedures coming into play only for removal from the provider
registry.  I am a member of the SAIL steering committee and feel that
this is a great concept that would really improve working conditions for
PCA's.  The unionization of the 74,000 PCA's in LA was the result of a
similar effort by SEIU.  If you want to read a good story about the
issues in this you can read an Oregonian article on the sub ject at:

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