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Subject: NYC workfare workers plan protest
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Date: 1999/03/13
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Workfairness, an organization of workfare workers and
supporters in New York, will hold a press conference and
rally outside City Hall at noon April 1. The group will
protest Mayor Giuliani's plan to end food stamps for tens
of thousands of poor people in April.

Under the 1996 federal welfare repeal signed by
President Clinton, state and local governments have the
authority to decide who will receive federal aid like food
stamps. In February Giuliani announced he would not sign a
waiver to continue food stamps for able-bodied single
adults between ages 18 and 50.

The cutoff will have a devastating impact in many Black
and Latino neighborhoods.

Workfairness Co-Chair William Mason slammed the mayor.
"Food pantry shelves throughout the city are already
bare," he said. "But most people don't even know their
food stamps will be cut off. It has been hushed up by the
mayor's kept press. There are going to be a lot of
desperate and hungry people next month.

"What Giuliani is saying is that the lives of poor
people are absolutely meaningless to him," Mason said.
"How are people supposed to live on $68 in cash benefits
every two weeks?"

He added: "Workfare workers and people on welfare need
to join with those fighting against police brutality. When
more people are homeless, when more people are hungry,
then the racist police will declare open season on us,
just like they did with brother Amadou Diallo."

For more information on fighting the food-stamp cutoff,
readers can call Workfairness at (212) 633-6646.

--Greg Butterfield

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