panhandling bylaw in Calgary

Bonnie Briggs (
Sun, 14 Mar 1999 10:34:16 PST

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Hi all,
  Have you heard about the new panhandling bylaw that has been brought 
in in Calgary, Alberta, Canada? I hear about this on the news last night 
and just about died. Panhandling is not allowed near bus stops or banks. 
But, that's not the worst part, if they are caught panhadling after 
dark, they face fines of up to, get this, $2500.00! Give me a break! 
Where are homeless people supposed to get that kind of money? If they 
had that kind of money, they wouldn't need to panhandle in the first 
place. These politicians, they just don't get it, people panhandle for 
survival, not because it's fun. They showed, on the news, Police 
arresting panhandlers for "causing a disturbance." How is panhandling 
"causing a disturbance"? The reporter said it was a crackdown on 
"aggressive panhandling". But I see it as an attack on all panhandlers. 
Speaking as a former panhandler, I think it's a real travesty! These 
people need to get out their Ivory Towers and come down to street level. 
They've been breathing that thin air too long, it's starting to affect 
their thinking. Just my rant for the day.
Fight and resist!
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