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Chomsky Reading Group:  David C. Korten
>From the author of the best-selling When Corporations Rule the World,
comes the passionate The Post-Corporate World, an extensively
researched, powerfully argued, eye-opening critique of how today's
corporate capitalism is destroying the things of real value in the
world.  Korten's well-reasoned approach includes practical alternatives
that can help restore health to markets, democracy, and everyday life.
Tuesday, March 23   6:00 pm

Chomsky Reading Group:
Russell Mokhiber & Robert Weissman
Noam Chomsky on Corporate Predators:  The Hunt for Mega-Profits and the
Attack on Democracy:  "The incisive and sharply focused snapshots
presented here give a telling portrait of some of the most dangerous
forces undermining what is decent and hopeful in American and global
society."  In this compelling collection of columns, investigative
journalists Mokhiber (Corporate Crime Reporter editor) and Weissman
(Multinational Monitor editor) critique corporate power from a
relentlessly human perspective.  Tuesday, April 27   6:00 pm

Both events will take place at Vertigo Books, 1337 Connecticut Ave.
NW, WDC, 20036.  For more information about these events please call
the store at (202) 429-9272, or e-mail:  <staff@vertigo-books.com>.

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