3.2 BILLION for Weapons

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It seems to me that our Congress is much more concerned with the
Military well being of foriegn powers that with it's own VOTERS here in
the U.S. 

Remember this next time we VOTE so we can put an end to funding
aggression in other countries. I want Homes, Healthcare, Food and
Warmth....No More Guns paid for by American TaxPayers....If the want to
kill each other let them pay for it themselves. 

Maybe we sould apply for a military loan from the merchants of

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By Linda D. Kozaryn
American Forces Press Service 

TEL AVIV, Israel -- The United States is providing foreign military
funding to Jordan and Egypt to help modernize their defense forces,
according to Defense Secretary William S. Cohen. 
Cohen traveled to six Persian Gulf and three Middle Eastern nations
March 8-12. The secretary stopped briefly in Egypt and Jordan before
reaching the trip's final stop here March 11 and 

In Egypt, Cohen announced executive branch approval of an Egyptian
request for a $3.2 billion foreign military aid package. Pending
congressional approval, the money would allow Egypt to buy eight U.S.
Patriot 3 missile system fire units, 24 additional F-16 fighters and 200
M-1A1 tank kits to be assembled in Egypt. 
The secretary told reporters traveling with him that Egypt's President
Hosni Mubarak was pleased to hear the Pentagon supports his request. 

All sovereign nations have national security requirements, and each
determines what equipment and technology purchases are in its best
interest, Cohen said of the arms sales. When asked, the U.S. government
is eager to help those nations who call upon the United States because
of its technological superiority, he said. 

"We work very closely with our friends," Cohen said. "We make an
assessment when they make their request and we try to comply as best we
can. We think it's in our interest and theirs when they make these

Egypt has already purchased 555 M-1A1 tanks and 196 F-16 fighters. The
new fighters and tanks will be delivered over the next two years. The
Patriot 3, being developed and tested in the United States, is several
years from delivery, according to senior defense officials traveling
with Cohen. 

Cohen paid his respects March 10 to Jordan's King Abdullah and reported
Jordan's requested $300 million economic and military aid package is
moving through Congress. He said half will go primarily toward
modernizing Jordan's defense forces. 

U.S. defense experts are helping Jordan review its defense needs, a
senior U.S. defense official said. Jordan's defense leaders are focusing
primarily on enhancing their land forces' sustainment and readiness and
on developing mobility and anti- armor capabilities. 

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