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Subject: SK-L: SAL 1999 Summer Fellowship Opportunity

Streetkid-L: Promoting awareness of the plight of street children
and other children at risk worldwide. Your participation is welcome.

Announcement: SAL 1999 Summer Fellowship Opportunity

Shine-a-Light: the Project for Street Children's Health (SAL) 
announces the launch of the SAL Summer Fellowship Program. 
This year, SAL will be awarding three fellowships to graduate 
students who are interested in working with street children in 
Central America. SAL will work cooperatively with Fellows to place 
them with a local NGO that provides services to street children. 
The Fellowship will also entail a stipend of USD $1,500.00, which 
is intended to defray the cost of travel and boarding in Central 
America during the fellowship period.

To be eligible for the program, students must have an interest in 
working with children from disadvantaged backgrounds, be enrolled 
or on leave from a graduate program in the US, and possess a 
working knowledge of Spanish.

Fellows will be required to work with an organization which serves 
street children, but will have wide latitude in designing and 
executing their own projects. A final report on the Fellow's project 
will also be required upon completion of the Fellowship period.

Interested candidates should e-mail answers to the following 
questions to Barry Malin at (short 
answers are appropriate).

If you would like to send a curriculum vitae or a resume, please e-
mail the document to Barry Malin at or 
mail it to the following address:

Barry T. Malin
115 Mt. Auburn, #61
Cambridge, MA  02138

To learn more about SAL, please visit our web-site at

Name and current contact information:
Graduate program and course of study:
Experiences working in developing nations:
Experiences working with children in difficult circumstances:
Career goal(s):
Motivation for applying for the SAL Fellowship:
Level of Spanish proficiency:
Working with street children requires creativity
and the ability to perform under difficult circumstances.
Briefly describe an experience that demonstrates these qualities:
Additional information (optional):

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