Call for papers: Insurgent voices in Education FWD

Tom Boland (
Wed, 10 Mar 1999 14:52:04 -0800 (PST)

Since policy decisions about land use of "public and private spaces" so
profoundly affect homeless people, I forward the "call for papers" below,
for review by folks interested in "critical pedagogy" (education for social


Call For Papers

Insurgent voices in Education

Issue 6 of trans/forms, Fluid Spaces & Regulated Borders, will
investigate how the production, reproduction, and transformation of
geographies are shaped through public and private spaces. How have
various forms of social regulation and cultural resistance emerged in
response to cultural transmigration, diasporic identities, and global
expansion of capital?

Suggested topics include, but are not limited to, the following:

-visual media and arts as tools for resistance
-the effects of transnational identity on nationalism
-globalization, new forms of regulation
-identity politics as a site of resistance
-social resistance through pedagogy
-the politics of representations of place
-language and nationalism
-geography of urban/rural spaces as sites of transformation/regulation

Submissions may be in form of essays (max 6000 words); reviews of print,
visual, or performance formats (max 1500 words); visual works; short
fiction; poetry; or other literary pieces. Please submit 5 copies of
work. Manuscripts should be typed, double spaced, with margins of at
least one inch on all sides. Please send only paper copies when first
submitting your manuscript.

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Toronto, ON, Canada
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trans/forms, a graduate student journal issued out of the Ontario
Institute for Studies in Education of the University of Toronto,
publishes original, refereed works on a broad range of issues in the
area of transformative education.  It provides a forum for addressing
relations of social difference as they inform educational theory and
practice.  trans/forms welcomes submissions dealing with all areas of
education for social and global justice including First Nations
politics, feminism, post-colonialism, anti-racism, Afrocentrism,
anti-ableism, class politics, lesbian and gay, bisexual, transgender,
and transsexual politics, community activism, popular education, media
and cultural studies, critical global education, and critical pedagogy.


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