Carpenter's Union Local 1144 recruiting!!!

Judy Olsen (
Fri, 05 Mar 1999 16:27:07 -0800

Carpenter's Union Local 1144 is recruiting women and people of color.  Local 1144 is in the Seattle Labor Temple on the third floor (next door
to room 304).  If you have no experience, you will start as an apprentice at $12.31 per hour plus health benefits.  After three to six months,
depending on how good you are, you will get $14.77 per hour plus health and retirement benefits.

They have several organizers who speak both English and Spanish.  Yes, they have been hiring ALL Hispanic people who've come in and signed up.
They have lots of jobs available right now, so expect to begin working the day after you sign up. I was also told that they are expecting many,
many more jobs to open up this summer.

Local 1144 carpenters are the people who install drywall.  One person holds a sheet of drywall in place while another person hammers it in.
Don't kid yourself, one sheet of drywall is very heavy, so holding it up and/or hammering all day long is extremely hard work. You will EARN
every penny.

Betcha anything there will be lots of overtime during the summer.

Please pass along this info to the women and people of color you know.

For the whole damn pie,