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(Burnaby Mountain, BC) At approximately 3:30pm today, March 4, BC 
Attorney General Ujjal Dosanjh was pied after speaking to a criminology 
audience at Simon Fraser University in Burnaby, BC.  

After claiming that BC is the "most progressive province", he 
side-stepped questions pertaining to Aboriginal rights, and his pivotal 
role in the Gustafsen Lake assault.  He denied ownership of two direct 

1. "All the violence that has emanated so far, has emanated from the 
renegades." (Speaking about Gustafsen Lake on Voice of the Province
T.V.  show, 13/08/95)

2. "This is not really a nation.  All I care is what the limitations, 
restrictions, restraints upon their rights are... The Nisga'a Nation 
would have attributes in this treaty, no more no less.  This is all
they  get, this is all the rights they have [smiling].  I don't care if
they  call themselves Tribal Council or Nation." (Nisga'a Treaty
debate,  19/01/99)

After the talk, a press scrum formed at the front of the lecture 
theatre.  A concerned student approached the and hit the Attorney 
General full in the face with a 9" lemon meringue pie.  It made a 
satisfying "phoomp" sound, after arching gracefully through the air.  A 
supporter yelled "That's for Gustafsen Lake" as several others 
distributed flyers, the text of which is reprinted below.

Contact with the pie brigade can be made by email, c/o: 


March 4, 1999

Why pie Ujjal?

As Attorney General (AG) of BC Ujjal Dosanjh oversaw the 1995 siege of 
the Ts'peten Sundancers at Gustafsen Lake.
Although the RCMP & AG insisted they were dealing with a criminal 
situation, the siege was actually planned four months in advance. The 
RCMP wanted to end the "yearly headache [of dispute of an American 
cattle rancher's alleged ownership of the land] once and for all"
(Staff  Sgt. Martin Sarich).
The RCMP's own investigation revealed that the rancher, Lyle James, 
actually only had grazing rights to the land in question. The land has 
never been sold or ceded by treaty.
Two Native RCMP officers, Woods & Findley, resigned in the wake of  RCMP
mishandling of the affair.
On August 27, 1995, the RCMP staged a false ambush. Officers 'Rocky'  &
Molendyk claimed they were shot in the back while inside their  vehicle,
saved only by their flak jackets. However, liaison officers  Montague &
Ward later admitted (on tape!): "This is not the first time  we've had
to take flak jackets to the firing range."  The bullets shot  through
the car matched the calibre of the RCMP's bullets (.9mm), not  the
This incident was used as justification to persuade a reluctant 
military to loan the use of several Bison Armoured Personnel Carriers 
and support staff.
While the military refused to also allow the use of .50 calibre guns,
the RCMP arranged to purchase some from an independent American arms 
dealer, with help from the FBI.
On September 11, 1995, the RCMP used plastic explosive as a landmine  to
blow up a truck being driven by two defenders and carrying a dog. The 
defenders miraculously escaped, unarmed, under a hail of 20 000 bullets. 
The dog was shot 7 times.

To all this & more, Dosanjh says: "There's absolutely no need for any 
other inquiry... There is no other side to this story, there is only
one  side to this story." (The Province, 08/24/95). Silly Ujjal! Even
little  kids know there's at least two sides to EVERY story.  RCMP lies
&  resignations, bombings, imported guns, the military & FBI... HELL
YES  there should be a comprehensive public inquiry into all this,
including  Ujjal's role!

So today we throw pie in your eye, Ujjal. The pie was carefully 
selected: lemon meringue, sticky like the mess you find yourself in;
old  & stale, just like the lies you've spread & excuses you've used to
keep  the truth about what went down at Gustafsen Lake a secret from
the  people of British Columbia & Canada.  We're gonna make it stick.

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