Re: [cp] Homeless & the War on Drugs (fwd)

Homeless Action Coalition (
Wed, 03 Mar 1999 03:15:29 -0800

Legalize, Tax, and Regulate - Alcohol, Tobacco, Marijuana, Heroin, Cocaine
as one category under the law.  Available to anyone of legal age at a
"state" store, helps keep harmful substances out of the hands of youth,
creates a revenue stream to fund early education, treatment for those who
develop problems, and adminsitration.  Reduces conflict between police and
various populations which are characteristicly at odds presently.  Ends the WAR.

later, tom m.

>We need a "public health" perspective on drugs - how do you keep the
>most people "healthy" and those with dieeases "less sick? The answer, I
>think, is "harm reduction" for currents users -- clean needles, detox on
>demand, guaranteed housing -- whether one is using or not. 
>The "harm reduction" approach seems to have worked in some places in
>Europe. In the US, sadly, it's political suicide to even discuss. 
>I invite onther' commments. I'm especially interested in what drug users
>and folks in recovery have to say. Been there? Speak out if you will!