Healing After Homelessness: Interviews Needed

Remona Cowles (remona@portland.quik.com)
Tue, 02 Mar 1999 14:20:21 -0800

Anyone who has experienced homelessness:

I am writing an article for Street Roots homeless
street paper (I will probably submit the article
to other homeless papers as well-I do not get paid
for this writing) on 'Healing After Homelessness'.
If you have been homeless could you please take a
little time to answer these questions? I will e
you the article before it goes to press to give
you a chance to double-check for any misquotes,

If you live in the Portland, Oregon metro area (or
can afford the LD bill-I can't-sorry) and would
like to be interviewed in person let me know and
we will work something out.

I thank you for your time and energy. I know how
difficult it can be to recount these experiences.
It will help countless people to share and reflect
these experiences. It is always good to know that
you are not alone in your experiences and that
others too, feel the pain and change, and have
fought the same long path to healing.

Thank you,
Remona Cowles
Vendor, Writer, Activist "Street Roots" Portland,
Webmaster: The Poor People's Guide to More Than
Just Survival


Background Info:

By what name/nickname would you like to be
referred to in the article? (No last names will be

What is your email or other contact info?

What city, state, country were you homeless in and
for how long and how long ago?

Were you living doubled-up, in a vehicle, in
shelters, on the streets, or other (please

What circumstances caused you to become homeless?

What barriers/problems were you facing at the

How did you finally become housed?

Did an individual or organization provide the help
that got you housed? (If so, please explain.)


Most Important Questions/Essay:

Please feel free to elaborate as you wish. This
article is about you and your experiences and
should reflect you. Please explain your answers,
and feel free to give examples and experiences.

1. In what ways did homelessness harm you or cause
you pain? (Spiritually, psychologically,
physically, emotionally...)

2. In what ways did your experience change you and
how you feel, think, worship?

3. After you became housed again how did you find
healing? What were your experiences that
helped/hindered your healing? What/who
helped/hindered your healing process?

4. Do you think that you are or ever will be
completely healed? If not, what would it take to
complete your healing process?


More Questions/Essay:

5. Do you think you will ever be homeless again?
If so, what do you think you might do differently?

6. What do you think is the number one cause of

7. What do you think is the number one thing that
we can all do as individuals to help solve the
homelessness problem and/or prevent more

8. What do you think will make homelessness less
harmful/painful and the healing process more