(PRESS RELEASE)Pueblos Unidos suffers a loss

Grassroots News Network (gnn@grassrootsnews.org)
Mon, 01 Mar 1999 04:34:51 +0800

Pueblos Unidos Community Center
2211 Hidalgo St
Austin TX 78702
Contact: Comrade Odekirk


Yesterday Pueblos Unidos (Communities United), the Community Center that
houses the Grassroots News Network, Comite de Solidaridad con Chiapas y
Mexico, the Queer News Network and several other groups was broken in to
and some equipment was stolen. This happened only one day after the first
break in where our VCR that we train for video was taken. 

In the first break in the thieves gained access by cutting a hole in the
wall from the side of the building into the Media Center where the video,
audio, and computer equipment was housed. This time thieves were able to
gain entry by climbing on to the roof and entering via a small door in the
attic of the building, breaking the window in the media center and stealing
the TV and other equipment.

Pueblos Unidos is a community center that hopes in the next two weeks to
offer computer training, video and audio training, showers, lockers,
shelter, and a food bank for the homeless, free access to computers and
e-mail to under-served communities, meeting and benefit space for activist
groups, info space for the Zapatistas and other progressive movements,
office space for the IWW and other unions, and a Latino\progressive
theater. Thirteen groups in all.

The loss of this equipment puts a damper on the work we are trying to do
for the community in East Austin. Since we survive only on donations from
individuals in the community. We get no other funding. Any loss is too
great not to affect all the other programs and services we offer.

Although the theft of this equipment won't make it impossible to train
people on the computers and audio software or offer free access to the
audio equipment to the under-served communities, it does set us back quite
a bit and makes it impossible to conduct video training for some time into
the future.

To bring us back up to our former potential we could use some help in
obtaining some more equipment and software. 

We could use video, audio, and computer equipment and software, tape
recorders, volunteers and trainers, security bars, plywood, tools, and cash
to help us get this project back up and running.

Please send donations to:

Grassroots News Network
Pueblos Unidos Community Center
2211 Hidalgo St
Austin TX 78702