Theodore Latham (
Tue, 24 Mar 1998 23:34:59 PST

Dear HPNer's,

    I found this posting in DejaNews only moments ago and I wanted to 
reply based on what my 1st mind was telling me to say, but instead I 
decided to take it to my fellow discussion group members and let you all 
address this issue! Personally I feel that this guy was probably a 
CLANSMEN back in the 'ol days'! Well here is the posting:

Subject:      Screw the homeless
From:         JRW <>
Date:         1998/03/22

Homeless people are nothing but smelly, drug taking, booze drinking 
dirtbags. They need to go to Hell and die along with all the left wing, 
bleeding heart liberals. There is absolutly no reason for them not to be 
able to get a job. If the no good Democrats would stop giving them money 
at street corners, then they would get a job. At least here in Texas 
it's legal to beat the crap out of them if they give you any crap. I 
miss the good 'ol days when it was legal to kill
'em. I remember to fun times I had in high school when my buddies in I 
would throw gasoline on them when they were sleeping. You should have 
seen them run when we'd light 'em up. YEEE HAAAW!


Tedrico Latham

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