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What possible good can result from treating people in this manner? Forwarded
to remind you that by 2020, half of us will live like this. What will the
other half be doing?  KayLee

The daily horror story from Texas prisons.  john

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 I and my mother have received *many* letters like the following. This one
came this morning. Some prisoners don't get the money we send, others have
their property taken away. Is there really nothing we can do?

 "My Dear Friend,

      "I received your letter and was glad to hear from you. I have so much
to say and can't find the words.
      We are under a lot of strain and there is a lot of tension here. There
is a lot of us being harassed by them taking our property away from us. We
have been waiting to get at least part of our stuff back and now the lady in
charge of handling our property went on vacation. She is supposed to be gone
for up to two to three weeks so that leaves a lot of us stuck out and I
 haven't had any shoes on my feet for three weeks.
      "We do now know for sure that we will be moved to the new unit by
November and will all be locked down in single cells and not have contact
with anyone. All we can do will be to sit and stare at the four walls and
try to keep from losing our minds and survive. A lot of people here are
contacting their lawyers and asking to drop their appeals because they feel
 there is not any sense in going through this harassment. That, however, is
just what the State wants them to do.
      "Well, I am going to close for now and get this off in the mail to you
so I will be in touch later.

                               "Your Friend"
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