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From: CLaw7MAn@webtv.net (Mike Steindel)
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Subject: Re: Course requires police "dialog" with "mentally ill"  FWD
Date: Tue, 22 Jun 1999 01:47:22 -0700 (PDT)

*I wonder if any amount of dialogs or face to face meetings along with
*training can change a thug with a bully mentality into an empathetic
*caring individual that believes in human dignity. OK maybe that's not
*entirely fair on my part not all cops are thugs, but many of them are.
  8><----Big Snip----><8

*sigh* Mike this is going to come (I fear in your opinion) perilously
close to a personal attack. I say this first because it isn't. 

I am a person with multiple sclerosis, one diagnosis that has people who
DO gain relief from the medicinal effects of marijuana-hemp. Your
politics surrounding hemp are just about as far removed from real-world
as are your's about training police departments.

I'm gonna stick with the hemp thing first and go on to police training
issues after.

I have no idea of all the newsgroups you post to, I have seen you post to
alt.gathering.rainbow and here. My guess is you are an avid cross-poster
so the footprint you have created is probably quite large. You persist in
blurring the issue of medicinal use of hemp with recreational use.  This
only serves to fuel the cynical among our legislative branch's that fear
just what you propose. 

My passion Mike is to keep people with disabilities at home and out of
institutions. Any institution--jail being one of those. Cops can and do
act 'thugishly' at times, they have their roots in really poorly trained
immigrant workers who took the jobs in the late 19th century. To
professionalize this trade (law endorsement) manuals and training regimes
were built as tools for making a really thuggish trade into something

The people you trample in your haste to seek a full legalization of hemp
aint them cops, it is  the chemo (cancer patient) and blokes with MS and
the like, too many of whom have some really crappy choices of which
institutional setting they prefer be that a jail or a nursing
home-hospice bed.

In the closing days of this century, and in this climate, to seek the
broad legalization of all hemp use isn't going anywhere in our lifetime.
If you do a really outstanding job of blurring this issue (of
legalization of medicinal hemp use) IMO the only thing that will happen
is more of the same, more of the sickest and frailest of us shopping for
medication in the worst possible marketplace. More institutional beds
packed with people who could be better-and cheeper served in the
community and more graveyards filled faster by disabled people who are
too timorous to get medication that might palliate their symptoms.

Before you put me in a blue suit Mike, I have had this ponytail for long
and long. I have nothing in particular against recreational hemp use. I
don't use it because it doesn't palliate the symptoms I have. I do have
an axe to grind with people that make it harder for disabled people to
live--something I think you are doing, by blurring this issue.

On to cop training. Gee Mike if you don't like training cops what's the
answer? No training? No cops? Can you really survive in a world without a
cop? If you really are a rainbow you have some idea of the energy that
gets expended doing shanti-sena work, which is exactly what those 'thugs'
you dislike so are getting trained to do.

I worked as an aide on locked psychiatric wards. I have seen the result
of poor police training, the ones that weren't killed that is. I have
also seen the result of in those that were brought in by well trained
cops. Were I in a psychiatric crisis, I know who I would want to haul my
sorry ass in--do you?

Probate law, when well written and honestly adjudicated keeps people
alive, and mostly at home *if* there are community supports for people
with that diagnosis, even those who meds don't really work for. Being
crazy isn't the issue, having trained people from first responder to
community living is.

Before you bridle too much I am not a fan of the latest fad
'commit-to-community' forced medication. Without a bed in the community
it won't mean a thing for the citizen who is living nuts on the street.
The most mobile will simply move on as long as they are hale and able.
The physically frail, slow, and small will only be assaulted all the more
often and need as a result more institutional care--be that in a general
hospital or a psychiatric bed.

A well trained cop doesn't do the silly assed pointless stuff that makes
up too many of the articles Tom Boland adds to this list. No cops isn't
the answer, better training is a *part* of the answer, community supports
is the missing piece of this puzzle that no amount of training can
completely bridge.

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