What If it's Legalized

Mike Steindel (CLaw7MAn@webtv.net)
Tue, 22 Jun 1999 00:44:30 -0700 (PDT)

I have been asking myself whats gonna happen when Cannabis is legalized.
Not immediately but after several months or even years and the general
public that would have never disobeyed the law has found it to be as
soothing and mild as the rest of us have. How are they gonna feel about
all the needless pain that many of their family members with diseases
that Cannabis could have helped suffered with instead or may have died

How about the people that paid for marinol or other expensive drugs
living on limited social security checks gonna feel when they realize
that they could have grown a superior product in their backyard instead
of being held up by the pharmaceutical companies. 

Farmers in america are being stopped from growing hemp because the DEA
says it cannot tell the difference between hemp and smokable cannabis,
how are they going to react to the truth when they see the difference. 

What about those of us that new the law was bullshit and defied it only
to be caught and in many cases have our cash, cars and homes taken away
from us. How about those that spent countless years in the slam for
getting high on mother nature. 

Just imagine how the populace of America is gonna react when they
realize that the Drug War is a LIE and the tax money spent has been for
nothing other that to deprive us Life, liberty & the Pursuit of
Happiness. And allow the Govt. to push their weight around in foreign

What are you gonna do when that day comes... Because That Day is
Coming... mike