RE: Churches, Government & Harvard

Joe Hart & Kay Lee (
Thu, 17 Jun 1999 06:53:30 -0500

                  I want to talk about REAL Addiction

I have to say one thing about the all consuming thirst for money and power
exhibited by corporate america and their paid lackeys, our legislators:

Watching a millionaire grasping for the billion is like watching an obese
person stuff food in their mouths with both hands until they vomit. Watching
the legislators fight each other over the power is like watching a sloppy
drunk buying another bottle as he wipes the vomit from his chin.

Watching someone feeding their addiction to power and money, always looking
for the next fix, ready and willing to cause a great deal of pain to get
their 'high' is a disgusting thing.  It's hard to watch CSpan anymore or my
local media spouting the thinly disguised lies, because everywhere I look
are the really dangerous greed addicts. They are as out of control as the
skankiest pockfaced heroin addict on the street.  I don't know if any of
them use illegal drugs or not, they don't have to take urine tests. But I
know if you want to track one down, just follow the money.

So, I just read an article talking about this very thing.

                    [CIVIC LIFE, WITH SPIRIT
     FWD  Los Angeles Times - Saturday, May 29, 1999]

"This week, Vice President Al Gore joined the chorus of politicians,
until now mostly Republican, calling for the government to work more
closely with religious charities to deliver social services to the needy.
It was the latest in a line of instances where the Clinton administration
sought to encourage the cooperation of religion and government, and it is
likely to ensure that the place of faith in American life will be part of
the public policy debate of the next presidential campaign."

End of quote. Reading this just makes my blood boil.

WHY should these politicians have anything to do with independent charities
or  religious organizations?  Because there's only a few more areas of our
lives they haven't infiltrated?  Something, food or supplies or homeless
people who don't use their social security cards?  What is it they are not
in charge of that they want now?

These are the things we organize on our own, the things we do because we
care. These independent efforts to ease the pain the power addicts are
magnifying are the only thing we really do for ourselves and each other

If the government gets involved it will be red tape and budget cuts and all
the wrong people will get the help because decisions from the heart won't be

Why? I don't understand why we're letting those terrible people in
Washington get involved in more of our burdened and taxed little lives.
What's the point? They have a track record; years of lies and deceit, waste
in every field they penetrate, fraud and thievery.  Management, bookkeeping,
public relations, they are failures in everything.

So they say separation of church and state, but you know Billie Graham and
the rest of the white house crowd blurred that line long ago. Making federal
laws about religion, that wasn't separation. But now they want to meld the
two so after years of rejecting the principles of faith incorporated in the
constitution, they want become part of love, hope, and charity? I think they
want to own love hope and charity.

Why let them get involved in more?  Nothing they do in Washington is for our
good, hasn't been for a long time.  Can't you see that yet? Everything they
do sucks our power away or makes us fat and lazy so we let them take
whatever they want.

I WANT TO KNOW WHY our churches and peacekeepers and media are abandoning
the people.  Don't even give me this for my own good stuff. Don't tell me
its for the children. I have NO faith left - not in the leaders and
authorities nor their words. They've sold their soul for the next hit of
their addiction.

You've got to stop giving everything away or at least be more selective in
who you give it too. Watching people turn loose of precious freedom to the
school yard bullies is a scary thing. Don't you know to them you are

Please, don't give them our independent ministries set up by and for the
people. Where will we find sanctuary?

I want the leaders of the churches and centers, the reporters and teachers
to  explain why they would support this kind of leadership.

Kay Lee