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For Immediate Release:

An evening to RAGE AGAINST RENT!

Video Selections and a Panel Discussion on the Gentrification of the
Mission District presented by the Video Activist Network (V.A.N.)


The recent media storm about the gentrification of the Mission District in
San Francisco has put the national spotlight on the Mission Yuppie
Eradication Project, and led to the SF Weekly's hoax Yuppie "Stop the Hate"

But who are the people who have struggled for years to secure housing and
defend the rights of working people in this historically low rent and
predominantly Latino neighborhood? This evening's Video Presentation
(approx. 45 min.) will outline some of the historical and current housing
struggles in San Francisco. It will be followed by an Open Panel Discussion
with some local tenant and housing rights organizations about the movement
to resist gentrification.


"Defending The 'Hood!"  by Agitspin Productions, 1999 (20 minutes)
Documents the recent events and emotionally charged issues of
gentrification in the Mission District of San Francisco. Contributes
much-needed analysis of the complex forces that destroy affordable housing
and have filled the Mission with upscale bars, restaurants, boutiques and
expensive lofts in what has been historically a vibrant, colorful,
primarily Latino working class neighborhood. The video also explores how
the Mission Yuppie Eradication Project became a national news story, and
stirred emotional debates about gentrification through its campaign of
incendiary rhetoric.

"On 16th Street" by Christopher Daly and Tracy Hoare, 1999 (7 minutes)
Documents the gentrification of the 16th Street corridor in the Mission
District. Featuring interviews with local homeless people and victims of
the recent (and highly suspicious) residential hotel fires.

Excerpts from other videos, including: "The Mission" KQED's history of the
Mission District neighborhood.  This excerpt highlights the previous battle
over gentrification in the Mission in the early 1970's when BART was being

"The Fall of the I Hotel"  The classic documentary about the eviction of
elderly Phillipino tenants from a residential hotel on the edge of
Chinatown. This excerpt highlights the dramatic battle that took place
between the SF Police and the hundreds of activists who resisted eviction.


Featuring speakers from Mission Agenda, Eviction Defense Network, Mission
Housing Development Corp., St. Peter's Housing Committee, and a
spokesperson for the Mission Yuppie Eradication Project.

TIME/DATE: 	8:00 PM on Thursday, July 1, 1999
PLACE:    		Artists' Television Access (ATA), 992 Valencia
		(@ 21st St. ), San Francisco
ADMISSION:  	$ 5.00 donation requested. No one turned away for
		lack of funds.
CONTACT:   	Whispered Media; (415) 789-8484

The Video Activist Network (V.A.N.) is an informal association of activists
and politically conscious artists using video to support social, economic
and environmental justice campaigns. Recent local political demonstrations,
works by V.A.N. members, and hard-hitting activist videos highlight each
screening on the first Thursday of every month. All screenings start at
8:00 pm at the Artists' Television Access (ATA), 992 Valencia @ 21st Street
in San Francisco's Mission District. Open to the general public.

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