Y2K and the Homeless

Sun, 20 Jun 1999 20:15:44 EDT

From:  Jeremy Reynalds@Joy Junction. www.joyjunction.org

January 1 2000...Disaster...or Business as Usual?--
There are a number of possible scenarios being voiced about the so-called 
millennium bug or Y2K. Short for Year 2000, Y2K is the dilemma that millions 
of computers will read Year 2000 as Year 1900, (unless modified or replaced), 
with the result that services such as utilities and banking may be disrupted. 

Speculation about Y2K
Speculation abounds about the possible effects of Y2K. Some people believe 
that the problem poses an end to modern civilization as we know it, while 
others believe that nothing will happen out of the ordinary. And then there 
are others who are advising preparing as one would for a natural disaster. 
Their thinking is based upon the premise that if you're ready and nothing 
happens, then you haven't lost anything. However, if there is an interruption 
to services that many of us take for granted then those who have prepared 
will be at a distinct advantage. 

Joy Junction's View On Y2K
At Joy Junction, Albuquerque's largest emergency homeless shelter, we don't 
want to take a reactionary point of view, but we DO want to make some 
preparations. We're seeing reports that our income may decline significantly 
in the fourth quarter of this year due to consumer concern about the possible 
effects of Y2K. This consumer concern ranges from fear about a possible 
inability to access funds in January to taking a significant hit in 
investments. If a shortfall in income in the fourth quarter of 1999 DOES 
occur, and people decide to hold onto their money, this could have 
potentially crippling effects for Joy Junction, because like most other 
rescue ministries we receive our greatest portion of income during this time. 
Without these funds, we would be unable to operate successfully during 1999. 

Joy Junction's Y2K Campaign
To ensure that we don't run into problems next year, we're beginning a Y2K 
campaign which will run throughout the rest of 1999 to raise funds for this 
time period. Here's our thinking. If contributions DO decline and the need 
for services increases, say, due to social security checks and other 
government benefits coming in even a few days late in January, we won't be 
able to handle the overflow of clients. Even worse, we wouldn't be able to 
operate at our normal level of services. Such a situation could result in 
needy women and families being forced to live on Albuquerque's 
ever-increasingly dangerous streets -- an untenable situation. 

Closing Thoughts
With that in mind, we're hoping that Albuquerqueans will keep Joy Junction 
and all of the other area non-profits in mind as we head down the road toward 
Y2K. While the needy, homeless and hungry look to us for help, we are 
entirely dependent upon the generosity of concerned community help. 

We've shared for some time that we had a small window of opportunity to biy 
some additional land at our south Albuquerque location. Well, we now own that 
land. We give all the glory to the Lord. However, if you could help us pay 
off the mortgage a little quicker by sending a generous gift, we'd be very 
grateful. Please send a check made payable to Joy Junction to P O Box 27693, 
Albuquerque, New Mexico 87125, USA. 

Please call me at 1-(800)-924-0569 or write reynalds@joyjunction.org to 
assure me that you'll send a generous gift. 

Joy Junction is recognized by the Internal Revenue Service as a 501-C-3 
church ministry tax deductible for income tax purposes in the USA.