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Subject: Summer workcamps:  "will work for justice"
From: Ted Steege <tsteege@uuscdc.org>
Date: 1999/06/12

UUSC Summer Workcamp Opportunities

Several exciting opportunities are available for UUSC supporters who want to
spend part of their summer putting their social justice convictions to work in
real-life circumstances. Workcampers of all ages will learn first-hand about
human rights issues affecting indigenous people, women, low-income families,
and racial and cultural minorities.

On Native American Reservations in South Dakota, volunteers will  rehabilitate
community schools, recreation centers and playgrounds while learning about
issues affecting indigenous people. There also will be arts and crafts programs
with youngsters on the reservation, as well as visits to historically
significant cultural or educational sites. The dates are July 4-17 and July
18-31 on the Standing Rock Reservation and August 8-21 and August 22-28 on the
Pine Ridge Reservation.

In the Yakima Valley of Washington State, volunteers aged 16 to 25 will assist
migrant farmworkers in refurbishing housing and constructing mobile sanitary
facilities. participants also will learn about the socioeconomic issues facing
the migrant farmworker community. The dates are July 11-24.

In Los Angeles, women of all ages from around the country will rehabilitate a
shelter for homeless women and children and renovate a transitional housing
center for people seeking to move from welfare to self-sufficiency. Volunteers
will address issues of poverty, homelessness, and sex trafficking among women.
The dates are July 25-August 7.

In Oakland, Calif., teenage UUSC volunteers will team with homeless youth to
collect information and analyze issues affecting the homeless population of
Oakland. The community survey will provide a foundation for advocacy work with
policy makers in Oakland. The dates are August 1-14.

In South Carolina, UUSC will continue to support church rebuilding workcamps in
response to arson attacks against black churches. Summer sites include Buffalo
and Gadsden.

The Service Committee's workcamp program has provided thousands of volunteers
with innovative and challenging ways to translate their social justice
convictions into real-world activism. For more information or to apply for a
workcamp, contact JosČ Ballester or Dick Campbell at 1-800-388-3920;
jballester@uusc.org; dcampbel@uusc.org.

Ted Steege, Washington Associate for U.S. Programs
Unitarian Universalist Service Committee
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