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Subject: alert to save you time and trouble

(please excuse cross posting to more than one listserv)
Based on extensive experience, and our excrutiatingly futile attempt to
return to a compusa store an unopened item, for which we have the receipt,
and which item is still stocked in the store, this is my recommendation to
all colleagues on all listservs in which I participate (which I estimate to
be a total of approximately 5000+ people) that you save yourself a great
deal of time and trouble by <never> patronizing a compusa store.  Because we
were unable to return the item within ten days, and despite the facts:
unopened item, original receipt, item is still in active stock of the store,
the manager refused to allow us to return the item even for credit towards
purchase of another item.  So, do yourself a favor:  never shop at compusa.
Please forward this email to any other listservs and/or your own email
address book.  This is <not> a virus!  I am simply trying to save you time
and trouble (and get even with compusa for treating me so shabbily and rudely).
Camilla McRory
414 Hungerford Drive #458
Rockville  Maryland  20850

We happen to agree with the above note.

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