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Would building YURTS to house homeless people
be technically -- and politically -- feasable in your community?

Where you live, what are the prospects and barriers
to implementing encampments and other alternatives to shelters?

How can the barriers be overcome and the prospects enhanced?

See below for a related short article:

FWD  Yahoo! News - Oregon Headlines - Tuesday June 15, 1999


(SALEM) -- Oregon's homeless population may soon be living in temporary
shelters. The Oregon House passed a measure to give cities and counties the
option to use ``yurts'' to house the homeless.

Yurts are domed-structures that are bigger and more weather-resistant than
tents. Before yesterday's House vote, a Cottage Grove company erected a
yurt on the steps of the state capitol.

The bill's sponsor, Springfield Democrat Al King, agrees the structures are
NOT a solution to homelessness... but are a stop-gap measure. The
legislation also limits cities and counties to NO more than two yurts in
parks within urban growth boundaries... at a cost of about
six-thousand-dollars each.


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