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Mon, 14 Jun 1999 00:06:43 -0500

Good Afternoon:
I'm forwarding this email because the conditions this death row inmate
describes and more have been done to drug war offenders, to marijuana
prisoners, to patients in prison for their medicine, even to innocent
victims of snitches, over zealous cops, crooked courts, and forfeiture

It's a shame we've given up on trying to cure the murders and rapists (That
says a lot about our society).  It's a sin that we cannot end the lives of
people we condemn for heinous crimes without torturing them first (That says
more about us than it says about our prisoner).

But, to apply the same treatment to a pot smoker?  For God's sake, We have
to get them out of there.

Don't doubt it: It is very bad in prison. Medicine seems to be a primary
weapon, whether it be physical or mental. Ridicule and fear are heaped on
their heads. Sensory deprivation, mental manipulation, physical abuse; all
of it is going on. Its done to the worst of them, to the nonviolent, to the
patients, to the innocent behind bars. It could be done to you. It could be
your children.

That's why Amnesty International ( ) has gotten
involved. But we need to be involved. Citizens just like us are being
tortured and neglected in prison.

I believe, if the walls were transparent and the masses could see the
inhumanity inside, they would roar. If we called the warden, the Chaplin,
the doctors checking on things, registering complaints, just to say good
morning, we'd sure be on their minds.

If we would question the media about their onesided stories, look in the
eyes of the cops, be in the courtrooms, stand in front of jails, pray
outside the churches, sit in on congress - Sue them for every violation. Let
them know we are watching and disgusted.

What if everyone who knows there's something really wrong in Washington
joined forces however briefly?

What if we could overcome our egos, put aside our conflicts, step outside
our comfort zone, take time out of our lives to show them that we are dead
serious: That we're determined to pay the price to keep America free?

Imagine all the people? That would be one for the history books. But, if we
don't join forces, there may be nothing in the history books, except
'democracy failed.'

Kay Lee
From: "Merriel Thomas, Jan Thomas"
To: <>
Subject: Virginia Larzelere--death row, Florida
Date: Wed, 16 Jun 1999 13:13:31 -0400

I am Virginia Larzelere's campaign
coordinator for the International Bannister
Foundation upon which she was given
a web site.

I received a letter from
Virginia this morning.  In it she
 "I need any help you can provide.  Please pray for
us too.  As of today waist chains, leg irons, and two
officers every time a door opens.  No one can shower,
bathe or visit that way!  A stun gun for safety or is it
amusement?  Gov.. Bush signed two warrants today.

All has been chaos.  today, a truly rough day!........More
warrants are to be signed next month--8.  I think I
prepared you for this activity.........

"All four of us are seeking to file and immediate law
suit for abuse.  We have asked a civil attorney to visit. I
hurt.  Please pray.     AND ON TOP OF ALL THIS THE

Thank you for considering this
letter.  Will be anxiously awaiting your
We are very ware of the problems with
Florida's Capital Collateral Regional Counsel's
Tampa Office. They have had her case in their office
for years now and even though they have
sufficient evidence for innocence, as well as Gary
McDaniel's  (Pretex Services, Inc., PO Box 14613, West Palm
Beach, FL, 33408-0613.  Tel (561) 845-1414) intensive
 investigation that proves her innocence, they have
not moved on her case.  She has no voice in court
even though she has a 9/1/99 date.-that end appeals.
Their excuse is not enough man power nor funding.
Do you have any suggestions as to what can
be done?

 I have written to many but the circumstances remain
the same. A representative from CCR has been assigned to her
but has done absolutely nothing.  In fact he has never done
a case of post-conviction law, only civil cases.  There is a
lawyer who will donate his services pro bono, but the high cost of
getting this  through the court system has him dragging his heels.
Her story was on the internet magazine "Justice Denied" last

I have a transcript from trial that proves the
police did not see it  as important to check the blood of the assailant
that was under her nails.  Her trial lawyer is doing time in prison due
to theft and other criminal acts.  It is also a fact that he was
taking drugs at the trial--there are witnesses.  He stole properties and
monies from her while "defending" her...???

We are in need of funding for her. Do you know of any
foundation, fund, or persons who would be willing to
support  this effort?  The immediate need is $700+/- for a
polygraph test.  The lawyer who is willing to take on her
case, wants her to have a polygraph test before he throws his hat
into the arena. Problem---she has no monies.

This situation is in such crisis!
Do you have any wisdom that would be beneficial.

Jan Thomas
Campaign Coordinator for
Virginia Larzelere
Karen Koerner Crane
Orlando, Florida
(407)836-4800 or (407)696-7942
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