Thu, 17 Jun 1999 09:29:28 EDT

My name is doug orange and i live in jacksonville fl. I have been on this 
list about 3 months or so and have had the opprtunity to meet a few of the 
people on here at the national coalition conference in dc. We are getting 
ready to start a drop in center here and also a homeless street newspaper 
along with some other things . The point that were at right now is we have 
gotten someone to let us operate under their 5031c and on sunday we will be 
applying for our own 5031c.We have also came up with a name . Its going to be 
called PROJECT R.I.S.E. My question is can anyone give us some ideas on where 
to start looking for funding.I am brand new to this. I was homeless for 4 
years and this has always been a dream for me and now with the help of some 
friends im praying it will become a reality.We are going to also do outreach 
and some other things .But i dont know anything about funding sources thats 
why im looking to you follks for some ideas. I do have someone on our team 
who is very good at writing grants. Matter of fact he wrote our continium of 
care here in jacksonville. Anyway any help would be greatly appreciated.