Pataki Blocks "Grandpa" Al Lewis From Speaking at Sing Sing (fwd)

rosaphil (
Wed, 16 Jun 1999 16:32:24 -0400 (EDT)

for shame...Pataki is getting meaner adn meaner every day. so much for
"compassionate conservatives"

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>Al Lewis
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>June 15, 1999							Al Lewis 212
>								Mark Dunlea
>518 286-3411
>Pataki Administration Seeks to Bar Grandpa Al Lewis from Prison Conference on
>	NYS Correctional Commissioner Glenn Goord is seeking to block former
>Green Party Gubernatorial candidate (Grandpa) Al Lewis from speaking at Sing
>Sing prison on June 23rd at a conference on nonviolence.
>	 Prison officials at Sing Sing had contacted Lewis to tell him that
>prisoners organizing the conference had wanted him to speak. Prison officials
>also asked Lewis to see if other individuals at WBAI, a radio station in New
>York where Lewis has a weekly show, would also like to speak at the
>conference. Goord however has overruled Sing Sing officials.
>	Last year the Pataki administration blocked Lewis from accepting a
>request from the NOW chapter at the Bedford Hills prison for women for Lewis
>to speak on the impacts of the Rockefeller Drug Laws.
>	"The prisoners want me to speak on the negative effect of violence
>both within and outside the prison system. Why would the Pataki
>administration oppose me speaking to inmates about being nonviolent? Last
>year Goord told me that he didn't want me campaigning in the prison during
>the election. I pointed out to him that they don't have any voting booths in
>prison, and I didn't think they were going to let the prisoners out for
>election day," stated Al Lewis.
>	After being asked by Sing Sing officials to invite other WBAI
>members, Lewis submitted the names of Bernard White and Amy Goodman, who host
>shows on WBAI, a Pacifica affiliate, and Marge Rattner and Randy Credico,
>members of the William Moses Kunstler Foundation which is active on the
>Rockefeller Drug Law issue.
>	Lewis also announced that he plans to invite Cardinal O'Connor to
>participate in the weekly vigil in New York City against the Rockefeller Drug
>Laws. The Cardinal joined with other Catholic Bishops this week in calling
>for an overhaul of the Rockefeller Drug Laws. Lewis is a long time opponent
>of the Rockefeller Drug Laws. Each week, Lewis joins with family members of
>prisoners imprisoned under the Rockefeller Drug Laws to call for their
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