96 Hours. . .Don't You Have 3 Minutes? (fwd)

rosaphil (rugosa@interport.net)
Mon, 14 Jun 1999 12:27:48 -0400 (EDT)

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From: Falesq@aol.com

Subject: 96 Hours. . .Don't You Have 3 Minutes?

In 96 Hours
The Legislature Will Retire.
Give Half Fare Fairness a Chance!

In 96 Hours the Legislature will likely retire.

They will travel home to family, friends and summer barbecues.

They will travel in comfort on planes, trains, and air conditioned cars - - 
all at Half Fare subsized by us.

And, as they travel, 25,000 S.S.I./Medicaid recipients will be PAYING DOUBLE 
for each ride they take on the MTA.

PAYING DOUBLE to travel to their part time jobs. . .
PAYING DOUBLE to travel to school. . .
PAYING DOUBLE to travel to their community programs.  PAYING DOUBLE for the 
MetroCard they deserve.

When is this going to end?

Today, as you have your morning coffee - - before your day gets stressed - - 
please make 3 calls - - -

Each will take less than 90 seconds. . .

Each could change the world for 25,000 Medicaid recipients. . .

Please call or forward by email to  

Senator Joseph Bruno 518.455.3191

Assemblyman Denny Farrell at 518.455.5491

Assemblyman David Gantt 518.455.5606

Tell them:

1.  The MTA Half Fare Fairness Coalition and our more than 220,000 members 
call for Fairness in our Transportation and Mental Health Policies.  We call 
for passage of Senate Bill 2505 and Assembly Bill 1807.

2.  The choice is theirs.  S.S.I./Medicaid recipients with serious mental 
illness living on a $7 a day can stay locked- up at home this Summer, or they 
can travel toward rehabilitation with dignity.

The choice is yours but the unfairness has got to stop.

3.  Vote Your Conscience on Senate Bill 2505 and Assembly Bill 1807 Today - - 
- Give us the Half Fare.

And, please edit and forward this email to at least three people you know who 
could do the same and ask them to do likewise.  

The Session could end in 96 hours.

This could be our last chance.

The Half Fare Fairness Coalition