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       A - I N F O S  N E W S  S E R V I C E

	100 Federal St.
	Downtown Boston

Gather on the BankBoston Plaza at Noon Enter line to apply for
reparations grant from FleeceBoston at 1:00 Near Downtown Crossing,
South Station and State Street T Stops


International day of Action, Protest and Carnival in Financial Centers
around the Planet.

A day to rock the system, to show our rage over the destruction and
exploitation of our planet and everyday lives, a day  to resist
together and to celebrate the alternative of grassroots resistance.

June 18 ( J18 ) is a step toward our liberation and that of the planet, in 
recognition that unemployment and overwork, racism and sexism, war, 
ecological destruction and genetic engineering, repression and oppression 
and prisons can only be destroyed by taking control of our lives and 
communities and deciding our affairs cooperatively from the grassroots.

All these problems we are told are unrelated have their root in the
money, exploitation and power game, Capitalism.

June the 18th  is the beginning of the economic summit of the most
powerful nations (G8). They will tell us that they will define our

J18 will be a crack in these lies, a step towards a future of our own

>From Australia to the US, in over 40 nations, from
environmentalists in Zimbabwe, Poland, Israel and Portugal, to unions
incuding the Bangladesh National Garment Workers' Confederation, Indian 
Fisherfolk Union and Austria's Independent Unionists, to the unemployed in 
France and indigenous people in Nigeria fighting oil companies, to hundreds 
of thousands of Indian farmers, and acrosss Europe to the mass 
demonstrations against the G8 in Cologne Germany:

Our Resistance is as Transnational as Capital

For more information, contact Boston Encuentro, c/o Lucy Parsons
Center, 549 Columbus Ave., Boston,  617/267- 6272; or PO Box 204,
Boston, 02130; or email to <midnotes@aol.com> or http://www.j18.org

--- Things to do for June 18 and some notes from the June 5 meeting:

At the Boston Encuentro meeting on June 5, planning for June 18, we
ended up with a list of things we need that we may be able to get but
which all of you can help us with. We also gave the day a new name:
Carnival Against Capital.

That is, we are having a party in front of the bank, a simultaneous
protest against them and affirmation of our many struggles.

Here are some things you could help us with:

1) Please come, take at least part of the day off from work. -- join us at 
Bank Boston 100 Federal St. at noon

2) Get some friends to come. Call the groups you know or are a part

Notice the text on the new alternate side of the flyer (sent

people in over 40 countries are involved. Visit the J18 website for
more info -- http:www.gn.apc.org/june 18.

3) A bit of money for printing flyers -- send to boston encuentro c/o
midnight notes, box 204, jamaica plain ma 02130 -- thanks.

4) Distribute flyers: take them to events you go to, give them to
friends, poster them, etc.

Hopefully by Weds night, surely by Thurs eve, we will have flyers.

You can pick them up at Lucy Parsons Center (549 Columbus Ave in South

most days and eves, call 617/267- 6272) or FairTest (342 Broadway,
Cambridge (corner of Broadway and Inman, near Central Sq.; ask for
Monty -- 10 - 5:30 M-F). I can mail you a few if you send me your
address -- maybe you can make copies, and poster or distribute them. If we 
get more distribution points, I will let you know.

5) Stickers -- we will have stickers  (1 x 4 or 1 x 4) and they may be
available at the distribution points also.

6) Music: we will have some boomboxes for some dance music. If you have a 
really loud one or a very portable sound system, let me know and please 
bring it. We can use a megaphone as well. (Again, we probably already can 
get some of these things, but let me know what you have if you have.)

7) Drums: if you really know how to drum or know some folks who do,
come/ get them to come -- we want some drumming.

8) Puppets and such -- liven the space visually with your satires and
comments and affirmations of life against capital.

9) Props -- a couple of bankers-style top hats and costumes; zapatista
masks or other clothing;

10) We have a Maypole -- a bit late, but it is still spring , right? We will 
have a skit or perhaps more.

11) Flyers -- if you have something to say, put it in a flyer and bring it.

12) Posters -- bring your posters too -- but remember, the space is not real 
large and there will be many people saying many things, so be
considerate and don't try to overwhelm us with huge banners, dozens of
posters saying the same thing, etc.

13) There will not be speeches -- except from the repentant bankers
(skit) and perhaps sup Marcos.

Other meetings:

Tuesday, June 8, at FairTest (342 Broadway, Cambridge) at about 6:00,
some of us will gather to prepare a skit or two. You are welcome to
come and participate.

Final planning meeting: June 16, 6:30 p.m., at Lucy Parsons Center, 549 
Columbus Ave, south end of Boston, 1-2 blocks toward downtown from Mass Ave, 
near Mass Ave on Orange Line or Symphony on Green Line.

Remember, we did not get a parade or demo permit. So, we may be asked
to keep walking -- but if you can walk, you can dance, and we can keep

There is also a park right next door to the bank (with a parking garage 
underneath if you bring some things and want to come by car).

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When I rise it will be with
the ranks and not from the ranks.
                --Eugene V. Debs


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