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This coming Friday June 18th Reclaim The Streets
actions will kick off in cities throughout the
world to oppose the G8 summit in Bonn, Germany.

In Toronto, we will be starting our event from
the corner of Bloor and Parliament at 4pm.  With
all of the publicity we've been receiving so far,
this event looks like its going to be 10 times
larger than last year's event, so get your drums,
masks, sidewalk chalk, tripods, bikes, kids,
grandparents, picket signs, instruments, skates,
face paint, jack hammers, puppets, picket signs,
food, stickers, markers, squirt guns, literature,
and bowling balls ready, it's going to be a blast!

For more information on Toronto activities, phone
416.760.4963, email us at, or check
out the Toronto site:, Reclaim
the Streets international site:,
or the People's Global Action site:

If you would like to support the 5 arrestees from
last year's May 16th action, come down to courtroom
116 of Old City Hall Courts on June 25th at 10am,
or send donations to Clayton Ruby in Trust, 11 Prince
Arthur Avenue, Toronto, Ontario M5R 1B2 to cover the
costs of the charter challenge for the five defendants.


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