Toronto Mayor Blasts Chretien Liberals For Abandoning The Homeless

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Tue, 8 Jun 1999 03:37:59 -0500

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Subject: Toronto Mayor Blasts Chretien Liberals For Abandoning The Homeless
Date: 05 Jun 1999 00:00:00 GMT
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Toronto Mayor Mel Lastman's attack on the Chretien Liberals
for their callous inhumanity is ironic in that Lastman
is a Liberal himself. For Toronto's plight re the
poor and homeless Lastman, we observe, is directing
his fire against the Liberal federal government in Ottawa,
because Lastman knows that they have all the money, that
they are bleeding Ontario white in extracting billions of
dollars in exorbitant taxes. The plight of the homeless in Toronto
be blamed on Mike Harris in that similar ugly situations exist in
Montreal, Winnipeg, Vancouver, Edmonton, and Halifax.

Ontario Liberal leader Dalton McGuinty's slogan during
the recent provincial election was "Vote Liberal. We put
people first". Oh ya, well his federal Liberal cousins sure
as hell do not. Chretien and Martin cut provincial transfer
payments for health care and education by $5 billion dollars.
Yet they sit on their fat, comfortable asses and watch poor
homeless people, many of them children, suffer from
homelessness and poverty in our cities.

Chretien, Axworthy and Eggleton  can spend
$700 million bombing innocent civilians
and destroying their infrastructure in Yugoslavia, yet they have no
for impoverished Canadians. Lastman during the Federation
of Municipalities conference in Halifax said that Canada's downtown
areas in major cities resemble  the Third World. This is intolerable,
or should be, for Canadians.

The sleazy Chretien has no qualms about about paying off cronies
in his own riding with millions of dollars of taxpayers' money.
Also his "compassionate" Liberal government is generously donating
$3 million to Quebec for Canada Day celebrations coming up. Yet, they
have no money for the tens of thousands of Canadian homeless people.
It is interesting to see where the Liberals' priorities are.

Canadians would do well to boycott all Canada Day celebrations
coming up. With the  corrupt, incompetent  and arrogant Chretien Liberal
government in Ottawa, our Canada is in a state of malaise. It would
be indecent to celebrate with all the suffering and the
social situation the way it is.